Strategies to Attract Your Soul-Mate Clients

& the secrets to uncovering, loving and showcasing your Soul Work.




Your savings are dwindling, and your credit card bill is mounting and you’re thinking sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit where are all my clients

…because you have this awesome biz that works (when it works) and when you’re in the zone with your soul-mate sisters, magic happens. So why is it that you can attract them one month and then get zip, nada, diddly squat the next?

Your business has been running on referrals but there’s never quite enough to stop you from worrying and wondering how to attract the next one. What if there was a simple way to call in your soul sisters who want and need you and who also want to SUPPORT YOU in return?

There’s really no secret to the sauce, but there is a little magic that needs to happen. To make it work, you have to commit to saying YES to yourself & your business and do the work that may seem, well, just a little ‘woo’.

Let’s manifest some amazing magic!


You need to get hired. FAST.

Imagine how amazing life is going to be when you know how to get hired, quickly. Whether it’s the next contract, freelance gig, big huge deal and mega client or the landing the role of your dreams, I’ll know in 90 minutes what needs to be done.

One call to change it all. 100% success rate. #nojoke

Niche is a dirty word…

We take a deep, deep dive into who you are, what you do, how you do it and who you should really work with. We turn this into The Vibe, get niche, specialty and message clarity, start implementing & attracting your tribe.

Identify & Magnify your Awesomeness! Let’s work and get it all coming together.

Build a Personal Brand Business

Turning what you know and what you love into a booming business that makes an impact and difference. We work on all the pieces of the puzzle together, we leave no stone unturned and by the time we’re done you’ll have a biz, clients and money in the bank*.

*provided you do the work!



The ideas are buzzing around your brain and you’re loving the fact that you get to work with so many different women, all in different businesses but you’re starting to get exhausted and finding clients doesn’t come easy, in fact, you are on this constant merry-go-round and rollercoaster of ‘where is the next one coming from’.

And it sucks to be you. Because you’re so damn creative and you have Super-Woman abilities, skills, knowledge and intiution that you can help in almost every biz area that comes up, so you can’t decide on who you’re serving, your main product / program / service and the thought of giving up the ‘executive or corporate’ coaching side to your biz makes you feel sick as a dog (because that’s paying the bills) but you’re heart’s not really in it. And you know you’re lying to yourself.

You want to get back to enjoying all of this biz shiz that you’ve created, there’s been times when it’s been so damn easy and you laughed and loved it every single day… you want that freedom in your business so badly.

It’s right here. Already, right here for you. All you have to do is decide and commit and you’re business will boom. With one caveat. What you know and you ‘think’ you know about building a niche business is probably missing one vital key ingredient…


Stories & Social Life

Back in Business

Failure is your best friend in business, although I know for sure, it never feels like it at the time.

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Confidence is Killing You

Confidence. Ebbs and flows like taking a dive into the deep end of a pool, you know you can surface but you don't know when & you wish you had stayed at the shallow end... You can interpret a picture in a number of ways. Though I'm guessing that you didn't want...
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The Innovation of Loneliness

Over the years, too many to count I've spent countless hours online purely focusing on 'me' and my brand, looking for attention. Experts (me included) will tell you the importance of building your Personal Brand both online and offline so that you can attract the...
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Love Your Work

Still dreaming about the work you really want to do? Unless you've inherited a gazillion dollars and can do what you like all day long, you have to work. Even then, you'll probably still want to find something fulfilling to do because as human beings, we naturally...
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1000 Dollar Day

I manifested what I wanted. But I gave in at the end - because I didn't TRY. The title of the post gives you a clue to what happened in the end, and what's worse than a story when you already know the ending, right? The point of this tale has nothing to do with...
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Are you an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Employee, Freelancer, Solopreneur...which one are you? STOP KIDDING YOURSELF. YOU'RE STILL AN EMPLOYEE. When you made the decision to go it alone, you thought you were doing something that would get you out of the corporate grind, give you...
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Can you see the wood for the trees?

My vision was to create a "Freedom" lifestyle.  Instead I ended up feeling more chained than I was in my 8 - 6 job. Blindfolded in a forest.  With no light and no path.  No clarity and really, no idea where my next step was going to land. Starting a business is fun,...
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Believe it, You’ll see it

There's something wrong with "believe it when I see it", instead "believe it and you'll see it"....try that on for size! Here's the thing.  Most of us are subjected to a heap of negativity all of our lives and you know what that does?  It keeps you from dreaming your...
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I give up & give in…

Sometimes you just have to walk away.  Even if it feels like the rain is pouring, there's clouds in the sky and a sense of gloom.  Even when you think you are heading in the wrong direction, just walk away. I've decided it's time to throw in the towel.  To give up...
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