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It comes in waves, cycles of untamed brilliance that allows you to shine… then it disappears.

We all need it. We all look for it. Right now, you can’t find it.

Inspiring yourself on a continued flow, whilst ‘being’ who you think you should be in business is draining the life out of you…. am I right?

You don’t have to be doing the gazillion things in your business that ‘the gurus’ keep on spouting out. There’s enough BS online and offline to sink the Titanic 1000 times, so seriously do yourself a small favour, stop listening to everyone else and start listening to you.You may be wondering…





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Behind every brilliant personal brand is me. #truth  I’m Susan Young and my genius is , revealing your true awesome & great work.

I have a weird talent. It’s seeing yours. And the future. Yep, I said that too. Whatever you aspire to be, do have, I’ll help you find it.

When you can no longer visualise what you want or how to get it and you need a bit of a push to become visible, the best in the business always come to me. So it’s no surprise that you’ve landed here. You are ready to find your great work, step up into your genius zone and change the world we live in by Being Fully YOU.


You’re a business owner who is stuck in a self-created world which you no longer love. You have the clients, the cash and an awesome team, but you are ready to be more, do more, have more. Problem is, you don’t know “what” that is.

OR you have a team who are no longer aligned to your vision. They’re starting to notice that you have changed there’s unrest in the air and you can’t quite figure out what’s going on with your people.

You are unsure if you ‘want’ this anymore. You know you have to do something about it. What though, is the answer you can’t find.


I help you to find your Great Work. It’s that simple.

Though, if you are a business owner who’s having trouble getting your team aligned to your vision, I can help you with that too.

When it comes to hiring, getting hired or “finding your thing” that’s what I do. And I package this up into a neat little program that removes overwhelm, gets you unstuck and clear on your direction and creates momentum and a massive shift as you reveal your true awesome and start sharing your genius with the world.


Do you have an idea that is world-changing? That truly needs to be seen and heard and revealed to make an impact?

All of my clients have a strong vision for change, I work with Consultants, Coaches and Trainers and Creatives who have had lots of success in their current business / career who are ready for the next step.

Honestly, it takes GUTS to work with me. That’s the best part. Because if you want to make an impact, you’ve got to have the Courage to put yourself out there (even if right now, you feel like a shrinking violet).

My clients are located all over the world. We are in a Global economy, right? I’m based in Melbourne, Australia though I can be found in Mallorca (Spain), Edinburgh (Scotland), Madrid (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Ubud (Bali) so wherever I am, as long as there is Wi-Fi, I’ll be working.  I also run residential Masterminds and VIP days for my clients in these locations.

Nope they aren’t. Some are specifically tailored to what you need, that takes time, consultations and lots of getting together to make it work. Lots of my clients will travel to group Mastermind sessions and continue to work with me via the good old dog and bone (that’s the phone) and using online project management software.

If you ain’t techie, don’t worry, we have a team to teach you that.


You love what you do and you excel when you are being creative. You’re not ready to leave your job just yet, in fact you LOVE it, so you want to learn how to bring your creative genius to work and bring your rocking collaboration skills to another level.

OR you’ve started to feel jaded as you are not getting the training or investment from your current employer, you want to be on more projects, gain exposure and experience in different things, but you’re not sure how to ask or even what it ‘is’ that you are after, so you are stuck watching others get the great work and you are feeling left behind…


I’m pretty damn good at uncovering your true genius and natural talent – if you don’t know it yet, give me an hour and I’ll have found it #notjoking

If you are seeking something new and don’t know where to start, I’ll teach you how to find the niche or micro-niche that will support your genius and how to make connections with the right people. In most cases, intrapreneurs I’ve worked with, roles are created for you.


Hiring me is the same as hiring anyone else, we need to talk first to make sure that we are a crazily awesome match. The easiest way to find out is to send me a message here and I’ll give you a call back.

I really believe in making sure that we’re right for each other, I’ve made enough relationship mistakes in the past, I like to keep the new ones on point. If we’re not right, I’ll tell you (and I’ll also know who IS right for you.)


How long is a piece of string my friend? Seriously though, it all depends on where you are at and what you need.

Let’s figure that out first. The real cost isn’t in hiring me.

It’s staying stuck and doing nothing about your current situation. #fact


Get on the phone with me first BEFORE you head out to market so you get it right first time.  Seriously, you need an approach that will work for the long term (though I do have a hustle plan) if you rush into this, you’ll make bad decisions.

Don’t do that.  You’re better than that.  Let’s chat. A chat with me is always FREE and I pretty much guarantee you’ll get super clear on what you want, need and how to go and get it faster than sitting there wondering if you should get in touch. #boastalert


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#truth – all of my clients are doing work they love


Fueled by Coffee

buy me one and I’ll be your forever friend. maybe.


The experience with Susan is an exchange.

I hired Susan to work with me on defining my brand & business, she was referred to me via a mutual colleague.

I found Susan to be highly knowledgeable in personal & business branding both online and offline but more than this – it is the way she authentically delivers her message in both a group and one on one that is unique.  It is unique because Susan shares her own journey in shaping her branding and her business, so the experience with her is an exchange.

I owe her a great deal in sparking the right thinking with me and challenging me to be in sync with my brand instead of selling my functional areas of expertise.  What has resulted from the work we have done, is a niche business offering that is an extension of who I am, inside and out.

Thanks Susan, I will be actively recommending you to my clients.

Div Pilay, Director – Mindtribes


You know your stuff!

Thank you Susan for waving your magic wand across me and across my business.  Your program, your message and what you stand for were the keys for me pulling it all together.

Without this work and this learning I would still be struggling and scrambling around trying to make me work and trying to make my business work.  Suddenly however, it has all come together.  It has come together simply, powerfully and strongly.  I am ready to take on the world now, and you know what, I am and it’s working.  Already I am achieving better results with less effort.  Keep up your brilliant presence and your brilliant work Susan.  You know your stuff!

So, my heartfelt thanks once again Susan.  Still need to review some stuff, but honestly, like I said above, I can feel the magic working!

Wendy Grenfell – CEO, Elgin Hall


Inspiring, Honest, Unique.

I thank the Universe for putting Susan Young in my life…it was no coincidence she showed up right when I needed her most!  

I was overwhelmed, confused, very emotional and completely lost!  Susan helped me to understand ME, and more importantly, to celebrate that…. and that was just the start!

Once you find clarity, it becomes your unwavering strength; your starting point & your safe retreat for all that business and life has to throw at you….and boy does it throw it!  Love, love, love this woman…if you’re ready to break free from your chrysalis and spread you wings and fly, I can think of no better person to help you with your transformation.  Inspiring, Honest, Unique, Fun and Liberating!

Jayne Roberts, Owner – Equijay


This one word makes me want to scream. We need to feel motivated to accomplish things that seem out of our reach, or to finish that damned project yet, what happens when the thing is done & complete? Where does the motivation go?

Down the motivation drain. What you need is Inspiration and Aspiration then you’ll find your motivation. You may have it in rollercoaster ups and downs, but it’s gonna be inconsistent my friend.

IAM is a program and book that will be released in 2017 – meanwhile, if you want to find your great work, get in touch below.

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Tired and confused of the way work has worked out for you, or need an inspiring speaker for your stage who will shift the way you think about work forever?

Let me know what you need in the form opposite and we’ll make some magic happen.

*I’m currently in Edinburgh, Scotland

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