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Everything & everyone in your life suffers, your money, your relationships, your tribe, YOU

…and because you refuse to step away from expectations and out of the guilt for wanting more, you keep spinning around the merry-go-round, can’t get off and your life feels like it’s falling to pieces on the INSIDE but looks fucking amazing to everyone on the OUTSIDE and it’s killing you.

You know how to market, you know how to make sales, you know how to outsource and delegate to your team, but why is it that YOU dont’ feel aligned, congruent and on the right path?

It’s not because you’re not brilliant at lots of things, in fact you do MOST of the things really, really well. It’s because you’re not focused on YOUR thing, your bright shiny fucking light that makes your heart skip a beat and sing to the craziest tune.

And you can feel it, sense it, know it that your SOUL is CALLING you into the work you were always meant for, but you just don’t know what to do or talk about what you do in a way that works, makes sense and hooks in your ideal client.

I know it. I’ve been though it, I’ve got you and you’ve got this! Let’s rock ‘n’ roll into creating the Great Soul Work you were meant for…


Uncover your Soul Calling.

A session to uncover your Soul Strengths and True Expression so that you can develop a Niche that you want to work with (and who want to work with you).

One call to change it all. 100% success rate. #nojoke

Mentoring to Magnify…

From Unknown and Unclear to Confident and Connected to your Soul’s Great Work, calls in your Soul Mate Clients and acts as the catalyst to Creating the Impact in the World you want to make.

Identify & Magnify your Awesomeness!

Build a Personal Brand Business

A live online program, turning what you know and what you love into a booming business that makes an impact and difference.

Includes a daily practice of Meditations, Mantras and lots of Soul, Style & Collective wisdom.




When things start to go wrong, clients don’t show up, people cancel on you, you are asked for refunds and you really don’t want to turn up to that next meeting, event or open up your email as you know there’s going to be things you have to respond to, you’re not aligned.

And if this goes on, you’ll want to burn everything to the ground, call in sick, hide and take time out. You’ll be feeling the burn and you won’t show up.

You just won’t. 

This isn’t serving. This isn’t what you were meant for. You KNOW it and you can feel it, but the problem is you don’t know what to do about it.

Lucky you found me, because I do…

Stories & Social Life

Why getting all the FREE things IS good for your business!

SAY WHAT? EVERYONE SAYS TO STOP DOWNLOADING ALL THE FREE THINGS... I know. I'm seeing this everywhere on Facebook and the other lands of Social right now. Stop getting all the free things and start focusing on YOUR thing. I get it, it makes sense. Get one teacher and...
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What to do when you can’t decide…

Sometimes the next step in business is hard if you don’t even know where to begin. Start with what you already know!

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Stop Wreaking Havoc in your Business

Being a business owner is hard. There’s no getting away from the facts that it can be a lonely road, full of constant ups and downs, hurdles to jump that you never saw coming which just suddenly appear right in front of you, they can trip you up and the worst thing of...
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The 2018 Desire Map Planner Collection

The 2018 Desire Map Planner Collection is here! It’s a radically different way to plan your day, because it puts your soul on the agenda. And if you know me, then everything I do (and believe you should too) is to listen to your soul. The Universe brings you what you...
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Ignite Your Light & Soul Fire

Soul Calling. Sessions to Find Your Soul's Work... I know you know this. That there's something inside of you, waiting to ignite and shine brightly. And you've been wondering, for so long now, what your true purpose in life is. What your real passions are. And what...
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Back in Business

Failure is your best friend in business, although I know for sure, it never feels like it at the time.

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Confidence is Killing You

Confidence. Ebbs and flows like taking a dive into the deep end of a pool, you know you can surface but you don't know when & you wish you had stayed at the shallow end... You can interpret a picture in a number of ways. Though I'm guessing that you didn't want...
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The Innovation of Loneliness

Over the years, too many to count I've spent countless hours online purely focusing on 'me' and my brand, looking for attention. Experts (me included) will tell you the importance of building your Personal Brand both online and offline so that you can attract the...
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Love Your Work

Still dreaming about the work you really want to do? Unless you've inherited a gazillion dollars and can do what you like all day long, you have to work. Even then, you'll probably still want to find something fulfilling to do because as human beings, we naturally...
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1000 Dollar Day

I manifested what I wanted. But I gave in at the end - because I didn't TRY. The title of the post gives you a clue to what happened in the end, and what's worse than a story when you already know the ending, right? The point of this tale has nothing to do with...
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Listen, I know how hard it can be to finally reach out and ask for the help you need. But, I don’t bite and I give damn good advice that will assure your direction and also make sure you don’t waste your $$$’s.

If you are curious, something isn’t clear or you just wanna get the conversation started, I get that email can be a safe place to begin, so take a deep breath, don’t be scared & say something!

*FYI, I’m a Digital Nomad so timezones mean it can take 2 – 48 hours to respond.

Lightworker you are ready to:

Master Your Message
Nail Your Niche
Attract Clients to You

Create a Personal Brand Business that aligns to your Soul Calling




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