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Right? Truth is, it’s only hard because YOU make it that way….

…yet you’ve tried every trick in the book to make this business work. It’s not. The courses you signed up for are gathering dust on the interwebs, the group programs left you feeling… well, left out and the memberships have you so overwhelmed you don’t even know where to begin.

So how do you create a business that doesn’t suck the life out of you, that gives you the time, freedom and money you thought would support this life you want?

And how do you do it in a way which FEELS good?

Energy first. Yep, that’s what I said. YOU create the energy in your business and it’s this energy that’s creating the results you’re getting. And if you’re constantly ‘trying to find’ clients, you are missing CONNECTION in what you are CREATING.

When you are disconnected to your Truth and attached to the Outcome (e.g. the money you need to pay your bills, or where the next client is coming from) then it’s likely that you’ll be stuck on the hamster wheel of doom never getting any further than a new client hopping on board that you put down to luck.

There’s a really simple way to build, grow and scale your business. With your heart, soul, service and spirit all aligned and in tune. You want to stay the course in your business, yeah?


90 Minutes to FREEDOM

An intuitive intensive getting into the detail of what’s not working and how to fix it, with a clear plan that will work for your strengths, clients and business model.

Create Connection & Alignment to stay the Course in Business.

The New Way to do Business

The 196 Collective is a fresh approach on the Mastermind Model where we collaborate to make magic happen in business.

Connection, Collaboration & Community.

Applications enrolling for 2018 now!

Escape, Evolve & Embody

A retreat to revive your soul, dismantle the stories that keep you small, embody your leadership & become the business owner & spiritual leader you know you’ve been longing to become.

Bellingen, NSW 5th – 8th April 2018




When things start to go wrong, clients don’t show up, people cancel on you, you are asked for refunds and you really don’t want to turn up to that next meeting, event or open up your email as you know there’s going to be things you have to respond to, you’re not aligned.

And if this goes on, you’ll want to burn everything to the ground, call in sick, hide and take time out. You’ll be feeling the burn and you won’t show up.

You just won’t. 

This isn’t serving. This isn’t what you were meant for. You KNOW it and you can feel it, but the problem is you don’t know what to do about it.

Lucky you found me, because I do…

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Listen, I know how hard it can be to finally reach out and ask for the help you need. But, I don’t bite and I give damn good advice that will assure your direction and also make sure you don’t waste your $$$’s.

If you are curious, something isn’t clear or you just wanna get the conversation started, I get that email can be a safe place to begin, so take a deep breath, don’t be scared & say something!

*FYI, I’m a Digital Nomad so timezones mean it can take 2 – 48 hours to respond.

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