1000 Dollar Day

by | Jul 12, 2016

I manifested what I wanted. But I gave in at the end – because I didn’t TRY.

The title of the post gives you a clue to what happened in the end, and what’s worse than a story when you already know the ending, right? The point of this tale has nothing to do with winning or losing, it’s about giving up and not trying. This post relates to how I’ve been showing up in my business and how the things I did on this day are totally related to my business success. Below you’ll see the exact steps that need to be taken in order to make a change or take a leap of faith into something new.

I was in a job I hated.

And I wanted to leave. I also had a lot of debt. Something that had been a pattern that I hadn’t shifted or learned from. I had started my own business on the side as a Personal Stylist so that I could find a way to leave my job. And I believed that if I could win $100,000 (this was the exact figure I asked for), I’d be able to change my life completely.

I knew I had to do something to change and this was my “way out” – what I didn’t realise at the time is that the only way out of any situation is to take ownership and responsibility for your actions.’

Step 1. Making a decision and a commitment to change direction. Being aware that if I didn’t change, neither would my circumstances.

I applied to go on Millionaire Hot Seat.

To be completely honest, I was surprised I got through the first part of the audition, which is to answer a series of questions which get harder and harder. There were around 200 people in the room, all there wanting to win big. This was whittled down quite quickly to 60 people who then went through to an “on camera” audition.

At this point, we were separated into small groups of 15. We had to complete a form to tell a story of who we are and then we’d be interviewed in front of the camera. As my surname is Young, I was up near the end as they were calling names alphabetically. Struggling with the form and what to say, I watched a beautiful lady who was up first and how she responded to the questions she was being asked. She was stunning, articulate, funny and immaculately dressed. Whilst she was in front of the camera the producer from the show came in and watched her. I could tell by his reaction that she would be picked for the show, there was no doubt. So I knew then, I had to come up with something good.

In business or careers, to get hired you have to show the reason why someone would want to work with you. What outcomes or results have you achieved? Here I realised that I had to find a way for them to want me on the show and have no reason not to pick me.

Step 2. Knowing your audience and what they “want” so you can deliver on this as well as what they need. Analysing the situation so you can make an informed decision of what to next and when.

I told a lie.

When it was finally my turn, I was asked if I had ever been on TV before. I said only if YouTube counts, you’ll find me on there doing an amazing impersonation of Dolly Parton – they said they would go and check it out. My mind started to panic, but I knew I had time to get something uploaded if they did do a search for me. My “on camera” audition wasn’t brilliant, but I was funny and cheeky though I didn’t really think I was good enough to get picked. I didn’t let my normal negative thoughts get in the way.

Even though I told a lie, my mind was completely convinced that they would put me on the show. I didn’t doubt it for one second, I truly believed with my whole heart that I’d get on and I committed myself to making it happen, whatever it took.

Step 3. Finding a way to get your message across that is unique and memorable.

I asked for the sale.

After my audition, I walked out into the corridor to find my way out. The producer was there, on the phone talking to someone. I saw another opportunity to get me on the show. I waved and got his attention and apologised for interrupting his call and I said, you need to put me on the show. He said “hang on a sec” to the person he was talking to and he asked me my name. I said Susan Young. And he said OK, and I said thanks, I’ll see you again soon and walked away.

You have to ask for what you want or you don’t get it. Simple. I didn’t know if my plan would work but I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by, even if it had been a NO.

Step 4. Asking. If you don’t ask you don’t get. There will always be a NO unless you ask. You have to believe that you will get a Yes.

I undid my lie.

As soon as I got home I made a mini video on my camera and uploaded it to YouTube. Instead of me impersonating Dolly, I said if you are from the TV show Millionaire Hot Seat, you won’t ever find me pretending to be Dolly, but here I am instead and you should put me on the show.

I knew that I had to do something about my embellishment to make it ‘right’ so that I could confidently go on the show without the feeling of being a liar or a cheat. My value of integrity was clear to me here.

Step 5. Staying within your integrity. Being congruent and consistent so you get the results that you want.

I made a Vision Board.

I was so convinced I would get on the show and win $100,000 I decided I’d cement this with a vision board. I found pictures on the internet and created a board with me in the middle, a picture of Eddie McGuire (the host) along with words and pictures of the money I wanted to win.

Intention is everything in life. We have to visualise what we want to get it. To dream it, see it, feel it and become congruent with it.

Step 6. Having a clear goal and a strong vision to make it happen. Nothing happens when you have no goals or a vision to achieve.

I got the call.

One week later the team from Hot Seat called and said I was in. Talk about doing a dance of celebration, I was sooo excited, but also sworn to secrecy and couldn’t tell anyone apart from the person you wanted to bring along as your audience support member. I asked my housemate and good friend Sonya to come along.

My manifesting had worked so far so I knew that I had to continue to believe that I would be a winner on the day of filming.

Step 7. Accepting the invitation to go ahead and doing it within the boundaries of what has been asked of you.

The day of filming.

I really want to share all of the pieces of the manifestations that I had created along the way. Instead, I want to get to the point of why this post is so damn important for you to learn from for your career or business. In Hot Seat there are 6 contestants, if you are first up you generally don’t get much of a chance to get back around to the seat again, however, in my case I’d asked the people in my show if they’d be up for passing on a question if they didn’t know the answer, to give someone the opportunity to win big money. They all agreed with the exception of one chap who tried his luck and failed, which is why we got down to $100,000.

I used my ability and skill in influencing to get everyone on the same page as me. All but one were aboard. 

Step 8. Influencing and finding alternative ways to make things work for you and for everyone else. Creating a win-win situation.

I was back in the Hot Seat.

My question came up. I had read only a few days before about the Ramones so I instinctively knew the answer. Then in my head, I started to question myself and began to talk through what the options were. Up in the audience, whenever I mentioned Johnny, there was a man shaking his head. This rattled me even more as I had heard that they plant people in the audience to put you off.

If you watch closely to the clip below, you’ll notice that I was super nervous, but also, I knew the answer. What I did next was crazy. I had managed to get myself into a position to win the $100,000 I asked for, but in the final moments instead of taking a risk I sat in my space of self-doubt and loathing and allowed myself to be a smaller version of who I really am and I GAVE IN and didn’t even try.

An old pattern and belief in my subconscious took hold. I didn’t really believe I deserved the money. That’s the truth.

Step 9. Learning from your mistakes and doing something with what you’ve learned, instead of continuing in the same patterns.

I didn’t even try!

How I showed up in those final moments was how I’d been showing up in life. Giving in without even trying. Allowing myself to be OK with the $1000 I had won for being the last person in the chair. Allowing myself to be OK with $1000 is better than nothing. Allowing myself to be OK with the smaller version of who I really am instead of stepping up and taking a leap of faith.

I didn’t have the awareness I have now about my deep conditioning and beliefs I have of myself. What I didn’t know then (and know now) is that the stories I’d been telling myself just aren’t true. They are made up thoughts that can be changed at any time.

Step 10. Being fully aligned to your values and stepping up into your potential. Taking ownership of this and know that you will have wobbles, but to catch your ‘stories’ and shift them because you are deserving of success. Everyone is.

How you show up is everything.

In our lives, we spend most of the time we have at work. And 95% of the people I interview don’t love what they do. That’s just not cool. We make choices based upon our conditioning and belief patterns. Without being fully aware of who we are and the patterns that we form in our lives, we can never get past the place of being “stuck” and all too often, we end up doing things that we loathe instead of things that we love because of everyone else’s expectations of us, rather than what we expect of ourselves.

Our life is defined by what we believe to be true. If you are truly honest with yourself, how are you showing up in your life? Are you living to your values (do you know what they even are?), are you feeling what you want to feel right NOW (not when I have $100,000 I’ll feel better, but right now?), are you enjoying your life and your work, are you healthy and feeling good about what your life is bringing you? Are you excited about what’s to come? Are you doing and living what’s really important for you?

Step 11. Making a move when you get stuck. Ask for help. Get a mentor or a coach who you can reach out to, who will help you to keep going and stay on track.

Habits of success.

The moral of this story is simple. I want you to think about the habits that you have formed in your daily life and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do your daily actions move you away from success or towards it?
  2. Do your daily actions move you away from productivity or towards it?
  3. Are your daily habits supporting what you want from your life?
  4. What do your daily habits truly reveal about you?

If you want to invent a career or business that is truly congruent with who you are, which makes money and makes a difference to you and those you serve, you MUST take note of your daily habits, your rituals and your thought and your choices. 

Step 12. Creating structure around your days so that you can be your most productive and ensure that you are working in your zone of genius as much as possible, with times included for the ‘work’ that needs to be completed outside of core business hours.

Making the changes.

As humans we don’t like change. It’s hard but it’s also inevitable. We are continually growing, evolving and changing. Faster than ever before. The hardest thing about change is being accountable for who you are, being aware and really honest about who you are and taking the steps to do something differently.

Most people won’t. Be a slim percentage will.

If you are one of the 1% who want to make an impact in this world, know that you can. 

To make the changes and make an impact you need to make new, empowering choices. Below this post you can get on the waitlist for my live Group Program which happens twice per year. Your commitment to creating a Personal Brand Business that supports you and your lifestyle is only a couple of clicks away.

Don’t do what I did and give up without even trying. The world needs your brilliance. This is our time, right now, to live an amazing life full of everything we desire.

Love Susan xx


How many times have you said to yourself, yes, now is the time (to do the thing you dream of) and you’re super energised, motivated, inspired and ready to take action? And then Doubt creeps in Worry that what you’ve said YES to, isn’t actually going to work for you...