your GREAT work, is calling you


Let your ideas show us what they want to become, connected, aligned and VISIBLE to the world!



It’s as scary as Freddie Kruger in your dreams.. to use your courage and create your dream life and share your ideas. And, to realise that your purpose in life, is to know who you are, and to BE your full potential.

And when you are “Modern, Intuitive & Contemporary” and quite literally Cool as Fuck, how on earth do you tell the world that you’ve suddenly decided to let go of the way you “used” to be and are now this Soulful Spiritual Entrepreneur? You don’t want to be on a bandwagon and you certainly don’t want to look like that crazy-cat-lady either….

There is an Awakening happening & I’m here to tell you, it’s OK to be you. Honestly, being yourself is the best thing that you can do for yourself, your life, your business, your community.

Because it FREES you.

Not so long ago, my mentors advised me to keep doing what I was doing. And all I wanted to do was burn my business to the ground. After almost 18 months off, hanging out with my family, riding horses and just ‘being’ I realised something. It wasn’t my business I wanted to burn down, it was the FUCKING SYSTEMS that we’ve been taught to build. Not to mention, the FOMO marketing tactics and techniques that made me want to vomit up my daily porridge.

I decided there has to be another way to step into our true potential, work in our zones of genius and let others work in theirs. I’m not there yet, but I can tell you this:

Collaboration, Community & Connection is the way to do business. We can be spiritual, abundant and free when we work together.

I’m fully committed to working with you to create a fully Aligned & Connected Career or Business and Lifestyle, designed your way so that you are FREE to be you, SHOW UP, serve, lead & create the impact that’s aching way down deep inside of you.



I Shine a Light & Give you Courage

You can’t see it, but I can. What you have to offer your potential clients and how to be of service as a Leader. I’ll show you what’s possible and how to make it happen.

For real.

You are needed. You are here to be of service. You are not born into this time by accident, this is the truth, are you ready to tell yours?

I can see auras and clear chakras

However, my true genius lies in uncovering yours. And in giving you the support to trust yourself, know yourself DEEPLY and to allow your Intution and SOUL guide you.

When you’re stuck in transition or pivot in your Career, I’ll SEE what you can’t and give you what you need to move forward.

With love, heart and no BS and a heap of fun.

I LOVE creating, don’t you?

And I love to create in collaboration with a strong community of women who believe that they are not in competition with each other.

As the Queen of Re-invention, new programs begin every 3 – 12 weeks.

Get Aligned and into Action, find out more by messaging me, join One96 or jump on my list to get in the know.



I’m not scared of the dark. I thrive in the shadows and in the night, but I’ve been digging deep within my soul to find the light and bring that to my work, so that I can show you how to be more you, bring your genius to the light, know your unique Language of Soul and give the world the gifts you’ve been hiding for way too long.

Fun fact: I have been tattooed 18 times. I fucked up the placement with one on my chest. I was TOO SCARED to say anything to the tattooist. #idiot So, I had it lasered off because I wanted to know what the experience would be like. OUCH. Don’t do it kids.


Jack of all Trades; Master of some!


I believed that I wasn’t the smartest kid in school and ended up on a path of career discovery. I tried out just about everything I thought I’d be able ‘to do’ and learned as much as I could, in each opportunity that came my way. So, when I address a problem, I use ALL of the knowledge I’ve learned from each discipline to look at the problem in a different way. I have a bajillion perspectives on things.

This all suddenly made perfect sense when I began to uncover my Human Design. I Have my Sun in Gate 13, The Interpersonal Life Theme of Charades (Masks) which means I bring transformation into the lives of everyone with whom I interact. And in this lifetime, I am here to play many roles to suit a continually changing array of situations (hear me saying out loud “AH-A”).

I am the Ultimate Walking Contradiction. I question EVERYTHING.

My career list includes; apprentice jockey, bar owner, restaurant manager, IT recruiter, business analyst, web designer / developer, fashion stylist, image consultant, dish washer, chef, healer, healer teacher, meditation teacher, designer, online business manager, business mentor, start-up coach, career coach and loads more but I’ll be here all day…..

I don’t know it all, but I do know how to zero in to what I don’t know & get it solved. I’m an expert at tapping into the things you know, but don’t know you know. I use my gifts of Claircognizance and Clairaudience to connect to The Language of Soul & your Innate Wisdom. I find the perfect people to collaborate with, hire and let them work in their zone of genius to allow me to work in mine. And it’s bliss.

I can assist almost anyone to reconnect to their life and path & tune into their fulfillment, though I choose to work with those who want to bring LIGHT to the world and raise Consciousness to change the world.

I meditate every single day. When I don’t, things go wonkey-donkey. I prefer to go with the flow, it’s so much easier!

I’m loyal as fuck. And clearly, I swear. Not all the time, but when I feel like making a point.

I get called “The Fixer” because of my unique ability to solve almost ANY dilemma for others. I see what most people can’t. I know how to do this artfully, without becoming bogged down.

According to IQ Tests, I’m either a Genius/Near Genius or Dullness. Depending on my mood & how I apply myself on the day. I have psychologists baffled. #truth 

My favourite book is “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. If you’ve ever read it, or choose to, you’ll ‘get’ why!

I believe that in the Future of Work we will all have our own businesses, working in collaboration teams, completely aligned to our Soul Calling and Soul’s Great Work building wealth, legacy and way of giving back.

I do lots of things to share my knowledge, I’m the co-Founder & Director of The Career Navigators and the Founder & Chief “Talent Wrangler” at a business collaboration Mastermind and community for emerging and established Spiritual Leaders who are growing their own service based business and bringing their Highest Visions to life.

I am a graduate Priestess with the Institue for Intuitive Intelligence (Third Level) and I’m completing a PhD in Metaphysics (Conscious Living).

I LOVE to talk and am quite brilliant on stage with an audience who I can take on a wild ride of emotions, make an impact to inspire the audience to Step Out and Shine as their Soul has been Calling them to do. You can find out more HERE.



A Contemporary Mystic and Modern Intuitive for the New World of Work, Susan Mentors emerging and established Spiritual Leaders to Align to their Highest Vision and become VISIBLE to show the world their Soul’s Great Work.

Oh sigh. I really need to work on this…..never mind the script….




Listen, I know how hard it can be to finally reach out and ask for the help you need. But, I don’t bite and I give damn good advice that will assure your direction and also make sure you don’t waste your $$$’s.

If you are curious, something isn’t clear or you just wanna get the conversation started, I get that email can be a safe place to begin, so take a deep breath, don’t be scared & say something!

*FYI, I’m a Digital Nomad so timezones mean it can take 2 – 48 hours to respond.

Your Soul’s Great Work is calling you…

You’re afraid to be SEEN
You aren’t CLEAR on your message
You want SUPPORT that doesn’t cost the earth….

The One96 Community Mastermind for Emerging & Established Spiritual Leaders is your new home….




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