For to those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.

I read this quote online somewhere, I believe it may have come from the bible (and before you start to think is she going all religious on us, I’m not!), it just made me stop to think for a moment.

It’s actually quite true to some degree.  Depending on your own circumstances, experience and beliefs I mean.

In my experience, this quote holds true for many a thing that has occurred in my life so far.  Remembering that our choices and decisions are what have lead us to where we are today, accompanied with the thoughts and actions we have on a daily basis.

I’ve experienced hardship more than once in my life.  And during these times of hardship I had forgotten about the abundance that actually surrounded me.  I just couldn’t see it, so it was forgotten.  In fact, instead of noticing the abundance that is always there, I was focusing my attention on what I didn’t have and what I was losing.

By focusing on what I didn’t have, my thoughts and actions as well as my choices and decisions became dis-empowered.  So much so that all I could think about was how on earth I was going to pay my rent, my bills, my debts.  During these times it never occurred to me to think that I had a roof over my head, food on the table, a job, family and a partner and all of the simple things that you need to have a successful, happy and abundant life!

I also became jealous of others and their monetary wealth.  The material things that others had that I didn’t.  And when I look back now, I think gee whiz, I was thinking and manifesting all of the things I was fearing.  It’s true, the things you fear the most are the things that happen to you!  And it all got worse for a long time before it got better.  I’ll share more of these experiences with you as we travel along, particularly in my TV and Video series as I feel it’s really important for you to know that when you have nothing, is when you realise you really don’t need much to live a happy life.

So what did I do?  I realised that perhaps there was a life lesson that I wasn’t learning.  So I let go of the jealousy, the guilt, understood that there was a pattern in my choices, the the blueprint I’d been given as a child (my conditioning) can be altered and changed.  And I started slowly, but surely to see the beauty in everything that I have in my life and knew that no matter where I was and the situation I had gotten myself in, there is always a way to a new and better situation.  You just have to look.  Make an empowering choice and confirm that choice with a decision to change.

My process of change began by taking the time to understand my values.  I aligned them with my goals and created a vision board of my dreams.  I started to take action on changing who I had become and what I wanted to become and all of a sudden, as if by magic the universe started to provide.  Uh-huh, new clients appeared from out of nowhere (well, not nowhere but that’s how it seemed), I made new contacts from networks that had always been there (where previously I hadn’t taken any notice) and the feeling of abundance came.

Abundance isn’t just about material possessions or wealth.  Being Abundant is for me, seeing the beauty in all things, understanding that we can “have it all” knowing what that means for us personally, and re-connecting with my essential self has provided me with a powerful source to manifest all that my heart desires.

Sometimes it isn’t easy, but when you see the challenges of life as an experience to improve, to become what you were always meant to be and realise your purpose in life, being Abundant and having Abundance is simply a matter of choice.

Love Susan xxx