Here’s a woman driving the car I dreamed of owning as a girl.  How awesome is the “Compact Pussycat” – a car that is a a beauty salon!

Owning a car that has an inbuilt beauty salon, shoe closet et al was definitely something I would have said was a Goal in my formative years.

Moving swiftly along to my 40’s and the goal posts have definitely shifted, but not too far….

…ok, so let’s just take a step back to where we left off with our Values.  Take a moment to look at your list again and now start to think about how you can align your Values with your Goals.

You may be asking what are goals?

Well, this is the stuff you want to achieve.  The resolutions that we often make and break at New Year.  The stuff that you say you will do (one day) but don’t get around to it.

I am here to tell you that if you get your Values and align them with your Goals you will get YES singing a lovely tune and things will start to happen for you…Just – Like – Magic!

So your Goals are the place you want to get to.  Your destination.  The things that will have you feeling that you are living your Ultimate Stylish and Beautifully Rich life.

I want you to think about two different sets of goals in the same way as your values with your 80/20 rule this time the 80% being around the foundation – I know I can achieve this realistically in a set time-frame and the 20% being around the creativity – I can see this but it’s in the far future.

OK.  Let’s get the goals out and down!  Here’s an insight to my 80%:

1)  Build a successful business online

2)  Reach my profit target in 2013

3)  Set dates for the Language of Style YES seeking tour

4)  Shift that final 5 kilos

5)  Go on holiday 4 times in 2013

Here’s an insight to my 20%

1)  Become a multi-millionaire

2)  Get a part in a movie

3)  Buy an apartment in New York, London & Paris

4)  Be front row at New York Fashion week

I know, some of those may seem like “pie in the sky”, but I believe I can make them happen.  I know I can certainly make my foundation goals happen.  Because, I can break them down into smaller, achievable, measurable and time-targeted goals.  I can also align them with my values.  For example:

1)  Build a successful business online

– break this down into

What does success mean?

– Money flow

– Program Participants

– Subscribers

If you look at this list and go from the bottom up, the key to my success is continuing to build my list of subscribers who want to participate in my program and then the money will continue to flow.

How many subscribers do I need and by when?

How many participants do I need to apply for my program and by when?

I hope you are following me….

…so to aligning these things with your values is a simple as this:

If I do my work every single day with Integrity (my No.2 value) I will become consistent with my work, showing my Clients and subscribers Honesty and Trust my business grows.

Or, if I do my work every single day with Courage (my No.10 value) I will step out of my comfort zone, do things I never thought possible (because I’ve slayed my limiting beliefs with my Style Sword of Success) and therefore be an Influence (my No.3 Value), Encourage (my No.5 Value) and Lead (my No.4 Value) my Clients and Subscribers to their own success in their Ultimate Style and Beautifully Rich way!

It’s time to get your Goals out of your mind and onto paper.  Put them on the wall on sticky notes next to your Values – see how you can align the two.  The PDF below will help you gain more clarity if you need some help.  Otherwise, pop your question in the comments box below.

Above all, have fun and enjoy yourself – this is your time!

Love Susan xxx

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