Some might say that’s a good thing. Quit the thing you don’t like if it no longer serves you (case in point, smoking cigarettes), but in this instance I’m talking about Careers and Business.

I’ve quit so many times I wouldn’t be able to count them (or even remember).

And I’m not saying that I have any regrets about quitting, but what I am about to say might make you realise that quitting isn’t the fast way to success when you are creating a life that’s worth living. But it also could be!

See, back when I was a wee thing, I wanted to be an actress or be a famous rockstar. That’s all I ever used to dream or talk about. I’m sure I annoyed the bejayzus out of folks with this idea that I would one day be as big as Oprah, Meryl Streep or Madonna.

But my dreams were fundamentally flawed.

Because I’m really good a quitting.

Really good at running away.

Really good at saying NO to things when they aren’t going my way (when often, they were, I’d just want to break the rules and do it the way I wanted to do it).

Until I realised that being a quitter isn’t actually good for business.

Though, the last time “I quit” WAS brilliant for my business because I got to observe what was going on around me, what everyone else was doing (and telling everyone else they should be doing)… whilst I observed, I had the time to recognise where I had quit, where I had given up on MYSELF and where I hadn’t looked deep enough into the things that were holding me back.

I quit and gave myself permission to stop doing what I had been told was right or wrong in the online world of business.

I quit a business that felt out of integrity and alignment with who I really am.

I quit, and I started to face my fears.

Meet challenges head on.

I began to see through the stories that I had been telling myself and that were perpetuating a pattern for me, to get close to super success and then just as I was about to reach the pinnacle, I’d quit.

So, I spent close to a year in deep dark shadow work.

Travelling to 8 different countries as I tested out theories on the law of vibration (and attraction), I created different ways of working on my laptop and uncovered what worked in ease and flow and what kept me in a state of resistance.

I spent time with people who are SO different to me, it was awkward, weird, hard, and not a lot of fun. I did this to figure out who I actually am. What I truly desire. What is true for me.

I’ve been studying metaphysics, quantum physics, different religions and intuitive intelligence. And when I realised that even though I am inherently a quitter. I can change that. At any time, it’s all down to a choice.

Between Fear and Love.

Each and every time.

When you meet resistance. When you procrastinate. When you choose to quit. When you say Yes, when you say No.
It’s a choice, confirmed by a decision of shall I stay in my Fear or shall I be Love.

And because I have been a quitter, it’s taken me longer (probably) than most to get to where I am today, people don’t see the “success” I’ve created along the way (it’s all perception anyway), my success is mine, not anyone else’s. It’s my time, my pain, my pleasure. It’s all mine.

And because I love working for myself and I have my own business, here’s the irony;

I can never quit.
And I won’t quit.

Because I can’t. Because I am (you are) always evolving.

I refuse to be a person who spends a year of their life on repeat, where they haven’t actually lived.

For that, I will quit being fearful.
For the life I want, I quit being afraid of my own brilliance.
For the life I am creating (which is magnificent by the way), I will quit anyone and anything that stands in my way of my own freedom and bliss.

So maybe I’ll always be a quitter.

I will quit the things that no longer serve.

But I will never quit (or doubt) my purpose.

I am (you are) here to live a beautiful life.

You’ll only ever fail at it, if you quit.

Love Susan x

P.S let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

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