Are you an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

by | Jun 13, 2016

Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Employee, Freelancer, Solopreneur…which one are you?


When you made the decision to go it alone, you thought you were doing something that would get you out of the corporate grind, give you the freedom that you so craved and at last, only do the work you really love to do. Then you found yourself in a position where instead of finding freedom, you find yourself tied to your laptop, hustling week to week to find new clients to make enough money to pay the bills (and to sometimes eat) and continually having to juggle multiple projects, manage your clients and run around like a crazy mouse on a wheel. And you’re exhausted.

You’re still an employee.

But how do you define the difference between employee and entrepreneur?  What if, instead we all chose to say we are all clients of clients, that we are all in this thing together and even though the term “employee” may sound a little offensive if you do run a micro-business, online business or work solo on behalf of others, it’s all tantamount to the same thing. And even if we were to put a label on you as an entrepreneur, what are you doing that is creating new economies, feeding families, changing lives if you are working on your own?

We are all in an exchange.

Traders. Maybe that’s what we should label ourselves as? We trade time for money, or goods a service or a product for money. Or get a job and get paid money in exchange for some skills, talent or to fulfill a task. It’s all tantamount to the same thing.

You could be a freelancer or a contractor – would you define yourself as an entrepreneur? Would you say that you run a business? Or do you feel that you are still “employed” by your clients? I ask this because there is a paradigm shift in the way we work (in case you haven’t noticed) and by the time we get to 2020, 40% of the workforce (in the US) will be part-time contractors with a side hustle. Are you an entrepreneur though?

Here’s the real deal…

If you really aren’t an “employee” in your business, then why would you choose NOT to grow? Why wouldn’t you hire for the skills that you don’t have? Provide opportunity by hiring someone who is BETTER at the things that you a) shouldn’t be doing and b) you aren’t great at and are sucking up your time. Savvy business owners know that to grow, you have to let go of the tasks that you hate doing and focus only in your zone of genius. Bring on a partner or staff that can implement / do / action the things you can’t.

When you do this, it means you can grow your business.  And when you let-go of the tasks you shouldn’t be doing in your business, suddenly you are running your business and working in your zone of genius. When you start to pay others for their time you are increasing the flow of exchange and helping others to rise.

And if we are in a new Rise of the Entrepreneur, isn’t that what you should be doing to become a fully fledged Entrepreneur?

I’m up for some discussion on this, tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Do you think the word Entrepreneur has new meaning in the new world of work? Or do you think if you are a freelancer or contractor that you’d like to be perceived as an Entrepreneur – what does it really mean for you?

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