It takes courage, real courage to be yourself. To not let self-talk and self-doubt make you limit yourself. Believe you are Brave. Just live. – Susan Young


Maybe I should be wearing a cowboy hat if I am going to say such things, but hey, I like a “howdy doody”!  This week I asked myself some serious questions about what I am here for (I do this often, re-evaluation of where you are at is important) and what I want my legacy to be.

For those of you who are new to me and my ramblings on my blog, I am here for you if you want to take a leap of faith to be yourself.  Yes, I know it may sound a bit egotistical or wanky, but hey, I’m not known for holding back and telling the truth.

And here’s my little bit of truth for the week.  I LOVE not wearing make-up.  I LOVE not doing my hair, in fact, I also LOVE getting really dirty, muddy and filthy and I don’t care if I can’t have a shower for 4 days.  OK, so there comes a point when showering (or jumping in a river, lake or ocean) is necessary and the experience I just had on my latest wee adventure around WA and SA proved something to me.

A)  I am terrified of ridiculous things

B)  I needed to get over that really frickin’ quickly

Why?  I was traveling with 2 men in one car for 23 days.  There were no bathrooms, mirrors or showers.  For most women this experience could end in one thing……

MELTDOWN.  But not in this case.  I was with a friend (and a new found friend), I was completely comfortable just being myself.  There was no need to feel awwwwkwwaaaaarrrrddddd.  But, I had to make a decision around this.  I could struggle with getting dressed / undressed/wearing a bikini/not showering / peeing & digging holes outside/worrying about snakes/spiders/lizards/scorpions or I could just get over myself and just enjoy the trip.

Trust me, I got over myself pretty darn quickly.

Second thing.  I have been TERRIFIED of the ocean for many a year.  I believe my Mum and I watched “Jaws” way too many times and sharks became another one of my fears.  So when it came to swimming in the ocean (particularly WA and SA oceans where Great Whites love to live) I had to make another decision.  Get over the fear that a shark may come and take my life, or stay on the beach watching everyone else have fun?

I got in the ocean.  One part “shower” necessity and one part, I need to do this.  I need to be brave.  I can get over this fear because really, being afraid is almost like giving up in some way.  And how could I resist getting into a beautiful turquoise ocean that just looked so amazing?  I sucked it up and got it in…. but not all the way, not on my first attempt (because I was told by the Doc the day before I wasn’t allowed to swim for 3 days as I just had stitches out).

But I did swim on the second attempt and I did DIVE into the water eventually.  It took 3 attempts, but I did it.  And it was the most exhilarating experience I have felt in many, many years.  I couldn’t breathe properly for the first few metres of my swim after doing it as my heart was racing.  But I felt alive.  And for all the time I had wasted “attempting” to dive before, I thought, gee what a waste, what was I thinking?

And there is the 2nd lesson.  We don’t have much time on this planet.  Today is a day worth cherishing, whatever it is that you are doing.  And if you aren’t enjoying what you are doing, you MUST be BRAVE and change it.

It’s all in the realms of possibility.  You just have to decide.

Love Susan