Are you bound by your thoughts?  Have you stopped believing that anything is possible?

Consciously, when you get up in the morning what do you think of?  How does the day really begin for you?  I’ve been asking my clients this a lot lately as it’s interesting to hear what people say as what you are  thinking when you get up seems to have a direct correlation to what your day is going to turn out like.

Thoughts are funny things really, they come swooping in and ramble on at us (you know, the good you and the bad you) and they deliberately try to stop us or make us do things we either don’t want to do, or think that we can do… well, we can more or less do anything that we believe we can.  So our thoughts get confused.  And really, it’s not the thought at fault, it’s the ego (which is there to protect you).

What if you knew when you got up that you had a really important day where it was make or break for you to achieve and get things done?  Does your mind overcome you and start limit your thinking that things aren’t possible, or do you just get on with it via a series of “I will do this first, then will get to here, then will get to there, then I’ll eat, then I’ll call X and then …. blah blah”?  In my own experience, this inner dialogue can play havoc with your creativity and focus and your ability to really be at your best.

If the first word that comes to your mind about your mornings is something like “chaos” what do you think will ensue?  What do you think would happen to that chaos if instead, you chose the word peace?  You may not see a peaceful affect immediately, in fact it may take a few days, but wouldn’t it be worth trying to move from chaos to peace?  It’s a paradox that’s created anyway, you may as well aim for the good side of it, right?

When it comes to thoughts that we allow into our head and form attachment to, it becomes a belief and then all of a sudden, it’s what’s happening.  Self-fulfilling prophecies and all of that, ya know?

So this also gets me wondering, if you are keen to change ANYTHING in your life, does it simply come down to how you are / are not limiting yourself in your thinking?

If you could change your mind by using simple words every day, would it be worth testing out.  E.g. you have a major meeting and you wanted to feel accomplished and respected.  If you kept saying those two words as you got dressed, went to work, used them in the meeting somewhere, do you think you would feel like that after the meeting?  I’m betting you would.

The only distraction to this would be YOU allowing other thoughts to pop in.  And they aren’t allowed if you do this, because those unfriendly thoughts, those sabotaging thoughts that will have you believing they are doing the right thing by you, are only distracting you from really shining as you.

That’s all.

Love Susan xx

P.S  Comment below, tell me what you really think!