How low can you go, or how high do you want to fly?

Have you ever noticed that when you are surrounded by positive people, it rubs off on you – it’s like a little spark of electricity passes through your system and gives you a little light of ignition to get fired up?

Imagine if you could ignite that fire every single day.  Oh, I just “heard” a nay-sayer in my head.  “You can’t be fired up all of the time”.  OK Mr Nay-sayer, I believe you.  Sometimes it’s OK to be down when there is an occasion for it.  But really, is that true?  Can you still be fired up when you are down?

YES.  Because that fire is still there inside (even if it is a small flicker) and it’s ready to burn brightly ANYTIME.

You know that you don’t have to put up with a mediocre life.  But many of you will just “put up with it” because you believe that that’s all there is.

What a load of rubbish!  We all have the power to illuminate and light our sparks and climb as high as we want to.  But only if we take accountability for where we are and where we would like to go!

If you want to get to the next level in life, then you will have to change your attitude to reach a higher altitude!

Self opinion is the blueprint that you were given as a child growing up.  You have been programmed and wired to believe in things that keep you at the level you are currently at.

We are programmed to live our lives “on auto-pilot” at the level we believe we are supposed to be flying.  So that chances are, that unless you change your self-opinion and blueprint, any changes you make won’t be lasting ones.

Here’s a great example (that I’ve done myself):  Many years ago (after some huge wins and some big lows) I had re-connected with my established blueprint.  And in doing so, when I found that I had been paid an extra few hundred dollars in commission that week, what did I do?  I spent it.  And I did that because, quite simply my blueprint was telling me how much money I “thought” I should have in my bank account.  So, I was left with very little!

Had I moved my attitude to “this is awesome, I have extra money, I can invest this”, my altitude would have lifted and so would the change in my self-opinion and blueprint!

And this is a valuable lesson!  I can tell you for sure, it took me more than one attempt to change this limiting belief and low self-opinion of myself.  Simple, but not easy!

You need to be in CONSTANT CONTROL of your ATTITUDE to ensure you are flying at a super-high and amazing ALTITUDE.

Don’t let go of your Controls.  Re-program your self-opinion and blueprint.  You can then start to develop a new Self-Image and Self-Opinion that you love.

To Being Beautifully Rich!

With love

Susan xxx

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