So everyone is suddenly “Spiritual” and Woke AF and Rising….

Maybe it’s not so sudden, maybe this has been coming for centuries and it just so happens that we are in this time and space to see it and be a part of it.

Yet, whilst you are pretending to do your daily practices and BE the person you always thought you could be, you are still sitting there, scrolling through the newsfeeds or pretty pics on Insta, wondering how the F do I make money and why the F can’t I make money?

And it’s no joke that you’re wondering why you’re not abundant and those bills are piling up and you’re having mini-freak outs at your inability to DO SOMETHING about the situation you find yourself in.

Being broke is not Spiritual. Being at a place where you don’t have money coming in and aren’t prosperous, isn’t being Woke AF, sitting there wondering what is WRONG with you, isn’t going to help you much either.

And no, I’m not sorry for saying this out loud to you, it has to be said.

You are by-passing ALL of your worthiness and Spirituality by NOT being who you were always meant to be. 

When you don’t show up and be of service you are doing the world a disservice. Stat. Your PURPOSE is SERVICE and putting out to the world your brilliance anyway that works for you. Not in a way that you’ve been told you “should” be doing, but YOUR way. Because YOUR way is the right way for you.

Are your Rising or are you just talking BS to yourself?

Because no-one is coming to save you. Your mentor can’t (and won’t) save you. Your partner, lover, friends, family, whatever can’t save you. There is NO prince charming coming to ‘fix’ this for you, YOU have to do it yourself.

Which means, RISE THE FUCK UP and BE that person.

Change your Identity. Break your patterns and habits and start to LIVE the life you dream of.

It’s not going to happen for you if you don’t INVEST time and money and also, get into the place of doing the actual work. It just won’t.

How do I know this?

Because I was exactly like you.

I was waiting for some kind of wonderful thing to happen ‘to’ me.

I didn’t realise that the world that I had created and everything that was going on was happening ‘for’ me. In other words, the shit-storm that I had made in my life was down to me and the only way to get up from rock fucking bottom, was to crawl my way back up. And no, I’m nowhere fucking near where I want to be, but I am the ONLY thing that can stop me or change the path that I’m forging for myself.

And now you’re going to ask me, but HOW do I do this?

  1. First of all decide on what it is you want. And it doesn’t have to be some big fancy idea, it can be as simple as I want to make $5k per month for the rest of the year.
  2. Make a list of all the ways you can make $5k per month
  3. Pick 2 or 3 things from that list that you know you’re going to LOVE doing and Serving
  4. Start ASKING people about it and for the sale (oooh… ask for the sale, don’t shit yourself, it’s not that hard)
  5. Follow up with every person you’d like to work with or have worked with and make an offer to them
  6. Get serious and disciplined about your business, do the work you need to do FIRST THING for you,
  7. Know that BUSINESS is 80% marketing & sales and 20% delivery. When you get this, you’ll be in business
  8. Until you have that discipline of 80% marketing & sales you CAN’T turn it into 20% marketing & sales 20% delivery & 60% living… so, REFRAME that fucker to make sure there’s NO SEPARATION in it all and EVERYTHING that you do from this day onwards includes ALL OF IT.
  9. Always be adding value, showing up, giving away your best stuff, answering questions, pick the thing you want to sell for the week and sell it. Ask for it.
  10. When you get the mindset wobbles make sure you’re invested in a MENTOR who will help you to shift and keep going
  11. Don’t believe your own BS stories that you aren’t good enough or can’t – that will stop you each and every time

And lastly, if you don’t have a message for your market yet and you aren’t clear on WHO you want to work with and WHY they should pick you, then I’d suggest getting on a 1:1 Ignite Your Light intensive with me. I’ll get you clear and on course so you can spend the rest of the day BEING, DOING so that you can HAVE whatever the fruit it is you want.

So are you ready to Awaken and Rise or are you going to stay stuck in your own BS?

Tough love today, but I know that you needed to hear it.

I love you.

Susan xxx

P.S There’s no time to waste in creating your ideal business and life of service. You need to be OUT THERE, actually serving. So, if you’re serious about doing something about your current situation and you’re ready to RISE even higher than you thought possible, then get on a call with me to get clear on what you actually need (click here >>) RIGHT NOW and we’ll see if we’re a match to work together.