Never in a million years, but I was close.

It’s almost 8 months since I really worked in my business, well actually that’s a lie as I do have a small handful of clients who just wouldn’t give up on me and one amazing new client who appeared, as if by magic, just when I was thinking about making a come-back.

Whether you have noticed that I’ve been gone or not, doesn’t really matter. In fact, that’s the whole point of this post; how much does it matter if you decide to take time out of your “life” and business, to reflect and re-assess where you are at and where you want to go?

I made some serious mistakes last year..

They put me in a tail-spin and I started to feel like I had been building a business that others wanted, not what I truly wanted or desired and it was killing me slowly, which meant I wasn’t showing up as my best self and slowly but surely, I started to self-sabotage (subconsciously) all of the work that I was doing and basically, doing a real disservice to my clients.


The tough thing about this is that we are told by whoever “they” are that we must create products or services that people want to buy, well urm, duh .. however, if you are railroaded into a certain way of doing business or end up creating products and services you don’t enjoy delivering, well you’re kinda screwing yourself over and everyone else that buys from you.

It’s taken me these last few months away from social media (yep, there’s been the personal posts but minimal anything else) and time with my family (I’m currently in Scotland hanging out with them), reconnecting and spending time in the countryside that I realised I’m not walking my talk, I’m not practicing what I preach, I’m not doing what I truly love and desire.

So it’s time to fix that.

Mistakes are what shape up and make us…

We can’t be fearful of failing because it’s the failures that make us strong, that show us what we are capable of, how to change direction or where to get help when we need it most.

Failure is your best friend in business, although I know for sure, it never feels like it at the time.

For me, the mistakes I made last year and the things I “failed on” have give me exactly what I need to move forward. And the cool thing is, even though it may seem like I’m starting from scratch, I’m really not.

Failure is ultimately, the best source of learning and stepping further into your potential.

Susan Young | Personal Brand Management


Picking yourself off the floor…

A friend of mine once said “even when you fall flat on your face, you’re still moving forward”, it’s so true, right? The trick with anything is that it doesn’t matter if you think you’ve failed, no-one’s really paying attention anyway (we’re all too narcissictic to notice) and as long as you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, you can keep on going.

It’s only when you stay there that you truly fail.

So, my message is the same as it’s always been, maybe I’m just saying it differently: to be yourself is to free yourself – it’s a constant unravelling of what you’ve learned and what you know. And re-learning who you really are to become the best version of yourself.

And my business, the question on everyone’s lips, “what do you do?” – I turn career and business dreams into money-making reality, we use #personalbranding as the rouse to make it happen.

Anyway, it’s good to be back. See ya somewhere online soon!

Love S xx

P.S what do you think about failure / failing, what’s happened in your career that you thought you’d never recover from?