Be Yourself. Simple?

by | Aug 7, 2015

The biggest challenge in life is being yourself. Figuring out who you really are.  Who you want to work with and what you are here to do.  But once you find it, things flow and simplicity glows!

How simple is it to just be yourself?

This is something that comes up for lots of people all of the time, me included!  We are bombarded with information, requests, family, jobs, friends etc etc that we often become entrenched in what other people’s versions of “us” should be.  And it drives me nuts. Knowing yourself and being self-aware is the first step to being yourself.

A couple of years ago I was “told” that I am a number of not very nice things and in the past as I was growing up I was also “told” I was a lot of not very nice things.  This happens usually, when we hurt someone.  In the first case I chose to walk away from two different relationships.  One a partner and one a client.  Both of these were incredibly difficult to move away from because there was a part of me that wanted to “keep” them (as I like to fix things) and then there is my innate wisdom who has told me all along that they are no longer serving, me or them.

And the hurt part, I naturally want to fix.  It’s in my DNA.  If someone truly believes that I have wronged them, I will aim to fix it.  But where do you draw the line and then say enough?  I will tell you when.  When your life gets drawn into their drama.  Their drama, not yours!  Being sucked into another person’s vortex of shiz isn’t your problem nor quite frankly is it your business!

Which leads me to how do you know who you are and how do you stay away from drama that keeps you from “being in flow”.   You have to figure out how you want to feel every single day.  If you want to feel happy, choose happy.  If you want to feel positive and elated, choose positive and elated.  If you want to feel excited and adventurous, choose excitement and adventure.  It’s actually not that hard!

It really is simply, a matter of choice.   Looking after “self” (and let the drama ones call you selfish) and allowing yourself to be whatever feeling it is you want to feel.  BUT be warned!  If you choose the opposite of good feeling words / choices for your days, that’s what you will get, so please only pick good, uplifting and empowering words.  Then you’ll start to feel good and be in your most authentic, genuine place and you’ll start to see just how amazing this world really is.

OK, you know how you want to feel everyday, you have to work out who you want to be spending your time with.  We are all different and enjoy different things, you may be the ultimate socialite so organising events and inviting the people you want to hang out with to come along (and what I mean by this, is a] the folks who resonate / get you and see your value in what you offer and b] something that you have direct experience of/in so that you can provide that value / get a result) – figure out who that person is and then you can work out what you can do to help them.  E.g. you may notice that the people you spend most of your time with at work are all interested in the same thing, or have been through a similar path OR they want to be like you.

Think about this, the folks you can work with and LOVE working with are already around you.  If they aren’t start hanging out in the places they are.  Be helpful, ask questions and share your knowledge – once you get the hang of this, then you can start to truly understand what you are here to do.

Trust me, you got this.

Love S xx

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