Go to your edge.  Lean in and fall.  (Me!)

We live in constant paradox.  Where there is fear, there is love.  Where there is Strength, there is Weakness.  Where there is Courage, there is Cowardice.

I am forever feeling the fear, which I move across to love and then try to balance myself somewhere in the middle.  It doesn’t always work, but when you recognise where you are at, in any given moment you have the opportunity to re-balance yourself.  And just BE.

This morning I was thinking about an amazing conversation that I had with a friend over dinner last night.  And how, if I am not courageous, I can’t be all in my business for my clients.

The truth of that hurts.  Innately I know that I need to make a decision (it’s a big one) and this decision will actually change everything for me (my business, my tribe, my clients) forever.

And it’s all about sitting on the edge of my precipice and allowing myself to fall in.

There is absolute beauty in strength and courage.  And I have often doubted how beautiful I am because of my own inner strength and my own courage – I doubted who I was because my story isn’t half as awesome as others out there.  But.  My story is just as valuable.  All of our stories are valuable.

I am beautiful.  I am strong.  I am courageous.  [Repeat after me…. !!]

You know that I am a great believer in the Universe and things arriving when you need them the most.  Today, a link to this video landed in my inbox.

As I watched it, I cried.  Tears of inspiration and realisation.  That if I don’t do this, fully committed, I am betraying myself and my soul.  My deepest inner desire is to connect you with your truth so that you can build a business (or career) of your dreams and do it fully, step by step, in your own way with your own ideas, story, skills and experience so that you can BE all that you were meant to be.

This man is amazing.  His name is Danny Macaskill and he’s my new found inspiration.  Not because I’m into riding mountain bikes, but because of the time he has taken to master his craft.  The power of his innate to allow him to do this is just incredible, so I had to share this.  Quite simply stunning and amazing.


Today I am making a pledge to myself and to you. That it is my time and I have the beauty, strength and courage to fall from my edge and fall in to what I was made for.

I have began the journey of living the life of my dreams and at each hurdle, challenge, and unforeseen circumstance I will breathe, be, feel the fear and do it anyway. Even though it scares the beejaysus out of me.

I know that when I watched this movie I felt butterflies in my tummy because of my fear of heights and the fact I suffer from vertigo. All conditions that are actually in my mind. Those butterflies and the ego are there to let you know that “this is real” and you can use those feelings to lift you and take you to where you need to go.

As I cried watching this video (which may also have something to do with it being filmed in Scotland with a Scottish singer in the background) I remembered that I am enough.  I’ve got this.  My innate wisdom knows the way and I am listening.

It’s time to step into your greatness.

Love Susan xxx

P.S  I’d love to hear your comments on how this video made you feel.  Please share below (and if you like, share this post with your friends).