When you realise that you are powerful and can accomplish your dreams and then you take action, you will realise life is amazing, because the universe has always got your back. – Susan Young

Begin Your Dream TODAY!

Before it is too late and you are 6 feet under.  I am not kidding!  And of course, Happy New Year to you.

Why have I started my regular posts with a message as such?  Because I realise how lucky I am to be here, on this planet, living and breathing in a Western culture where really, opportunities to do [insert what ever I choose here], be, live etc are abundant.

Two weeks before Christmas I had an aggressive skin cancer removed from my back.  The day of the surgery I was feeling rather sorry for myself, I was overwhelmed with work, a break-up and multiple challenges that just seemed like they were never ending, then this to deal with.  When I got home, I cried and cried and I just couldn’t stop.  It was the ultimate release.  (BTW all the cancer is gone, just in case you are wondering).

And I needed the release.  I had been storing up a lot of crap in my head, I wasn’t communicating with my friends and family (not for any other reason than that’s what I have a tendency to do when the shit hits the fan around things) and I was on the brink of what I could sense, a dark depression.  Somewhere I’ve been before and knew deep down that I did not want to go back there.  Ever.

So, I asked the Universe for a holiday.  And as if by magic, an old friend invited me to accompany him on a 4 wheel driving trip from Melbourne to Perth, across the desert and come back via the coast of WA and SA (Western Australia and South Australia to my overseas readers).

As soon as I said YES, I knew instantly that all I needed was my sense of freedom back.  This is something that I value above and beyond anything else, because when I feel freedom, I feel peace.

Every single day (there were 23 to be exact) was amazing.  I saw places I couldn’t even try to explain.  I laughed, laughed and laughed some more and I returned with a new sense of “anything is possible”.

Then of course, the bubble bursts, back to reality, the usual “shiz” piles up and all of a sudden, BAM, another challenge.  And this is where it gets interesting.

We have the ability to make choices.  Around how we feel, act, interact etc.  You know, the things I talk about all of the time, particularly when it comes to branding.

I have allowed myself to “get in my own way” again and again.  After having a faulty laptop returned, re-setting up my sites, emails etc, sorting out some hack and block issue on my online program, starting the process of getting back to emails (which I couldn’t do on holiday as I had no connection to the internet or phone) and getting back into the swing of things in my biz, etc.

Though, if I am honest, I haven’t been doing much.  I’ve been allowing procrastination to set in.  The self-talk monster is sitting on my shoulders loud and clear and it’s like that “holiday glow” had been given a dust of matte polish.

Until today.  I faced death, literally.  Not my own, but I was with someone as they discovered a woman who had passed away.  This, I can handle, I’ve seen more death than most would see in a lifetime.  But what entered my mind immediately was the fact that I am not and have not been LIVING, consciously the way that I teach others to live.

So, I am compelled to yell at you to begin to build and live the life you dream of and begin it TODAY.  Right now, this minute, don’t waste any more of your precious time worrying about [insert here whatever the F*** it is you want in your life] because I know, innately that it’s possible.

And if you don’t know what it is you want, start to work with a mentor who can help you realise this.  Whether it’s getting a promotion, uncovering your passion, transitioning from one career path to another, opening a business, traveling the world, all of these things are in the realms of possibility if you open your mind to the fact you have a choice.  And that ultimately, you can.

Be Brave.

Love Susan xxx

“To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.” – Bernard Edmonds