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Personal Brand Management – What’s next?

If you aren't online, you don't exist - but how on earth do you Stand Out to be seen? As you all know I've been online since day-dot and the whole "internet of things" (which is a thing by the way) still absolutely thrills me, I'm weird like that.  If I've said this...

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Start Something

The Queen or King of Reinvention is YOU.  Start your very own Personal Revolution. #personalrevolution Send that out to the world if you are feeling that it's about time that you started something (you trend-setter, you) and created a real-life version of that dream...

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Unconscious Shame

What are you ashamed of?  Why are you so afraid of being yourself? Have you ever felt like you just don't belong.  That you are a bit "out of sorts" or on the outside looking in and at times, you feel that you are ashamed of something, that you don't want to be...

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The Commute

To commute or not to commute, that is the question! My commute to work is really painless these days.  I roll out of bed and can be at my desk within the first 5 minutes of rising.  Yesterday, my house-mate told me that I work too much and said "could there be a...

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From which side of the tracks?

No matter which side of the tracks you are from, there is endless possibility for greatness. Which side of the tracks is the right side?  Is there really such a thing as the wrong side of the tracks?  Well, I guess that all depends on your conditioning and...

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How high will you climb?

To get to the top you have to be prepared for the climb.  Will you make it? Once upon a time there was a young Venture Scout who lived in Scotland..... that's me BTW.  Yep, I was a scout.  Venture Scouts was a great place for me to hang out as a teenager as a) there...

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Old is the new New

Hipsters love a bit of vintage, how can you take their cues and input this into your biz? I was wondering the other day if this hipster movement had gone too far.  Just about every second guy on the street has a beard and there are way too many cool cats (and young...

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The Coffee Meeting

I love coffee, but I also love my time - are you worth it? Being a small business owner / entrepreneur can often mean lots of lonely days, long lonely days that go from 5 am to midnight whilst you produce what you need to keep yourself afloat... that can be another...

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Find Your Way

Are you really lost or in the perfect place to realign to who you are? I've done a lot of "shifting" and "flitting" in my life.  Constantly on the move and often not stopping to assess just how far I've actually come or to even notice or plan where I am heading....

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Eat Ice Cream

How long do you really have to make an impact in this life? In the summer, it’s pretty rare that I would eat ice-cream. It brings back memories of when I was a child and visiting the zoo. I was little, so the memory fades, but what I remember is that it was a hot day...

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Don’t be afraid to be awesome

Stop Hiding – Start Shining We all do it, hide away from our brilliance at one time or another. Some of seem to be better equipped at putting ourselves out there, and then there are others among us who find it incredibly difficult to find their voice and shine their...

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You Make My Heart Sing

Today you made my heart sing! Yes you did!  Actually, that's a great big lie because what I'm about to say will probably piss you off and make you feel like I'm your frenemy.  What???!!!! OK here's the thing.  I'm not here to be liked by everyone and neither should...

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The 5 Essentials You Need BEFORE You Build a Personal Brand Business

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