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Believe it, You’ll see it

There's something wrong with "believe it when I see it", instead "believe it and you'll see it"....try that on for size! Here's the thing.  Most of us are subjected to a heap of negativity all of our lives and you know what that does?  It keeps you from dreaming your...

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Future Proof Your Career

Making a career choice that actually fulfills you is one thing, future proofing your career is another... where do you even start? Whatever you do, you need to love it.  Simple.  But most folk don't know what they want to begin with.  I talk about this in another blog...

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How to Boost Your Brand in 10 days

Your Personal Brand is the biggest asset that you have in our new Digital Economy, so make sure that you are marketing yourself & start showing up online & offline.  Or, be left behind! I made this video training for my Facebook Group (you can join too if you like) as...

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How do you Quit?

We are always quitting something, making resolutions and "should-a-s" but what happens when you really want to quit doing the work you hate?   I've never really been one for much caution, in fact most would say I'm a little bit fast in my decision making process and...

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How my Personal Brand wins me work

This Shark doesn't really bite, rather provides good advice from a strong & big heart Janine Allis is a well-known and super-successful Australian entrepreneur and founder of Boost Juice, so how did I manage to land her as a client? It was all down to my Personal...

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Be Yourself. Simple?

The biggest challenge in life is being yourself. Figuring out who you really are.  Who you want to work with and what you are here to do.  But once you find it, things flow and simplicity glows! How simple is it to just be yourself? This is something that comes up for...

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Personal Brand Management – What’s next?

If you aren't online, you don't exist - but how on earth do you Stand Out to be seen? As you all know I've been online since day-dot and the whole "internet of things" (which is a thing by the way) still absolutely thrills me, I'm weird like that.  If I've said this...

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Start Something

The Queen or King of Reinvention is YOU.  Start your very own Personal Revolution. #personalrevolution Send that out to the world if you are feeling that it's about time that you started something (you trend-setter, you) and created a real-life version of that dream...

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Unconscious Shame

What are you ashamed of?  Why are you so afraid of being yourself? Have you ever felt like you just don't belong.  That you are a bit "out of sorts" or on the outside looking in and at times, you feel that you are ashamed of something, that you don't want to be...

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The Commute

To commute or not to commute, that is the question! My commute to work is really painless these days.  I roll out of bed and can be at my desk within the first 5 minutes of rising.  Yesterday, my house-mate told me that I work too much and said "could there be a...

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From which side of the tracks?

No matter which side of the tracks you are from, there is endless possibility for greatness. Which side of the tracks is the right side?  Is there really such a thing as the wrong side of the tracks?  Well, I guess that all depends on your conditioning and...

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How high will you climb?

To get to the top you have to be prepared for the climb.  Will you make it? Once upon a time there was a young Venture Scout who lived in Scotland..... that's me BTW.  Yep, I was a scout.  Venture Scouts was a great place for me to hang out as a teenager as a) there...

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