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Being Appropriate isn’t being “on brand”

If you are always "being appropriate" are you "on brand" but more importantly, are you being yourself? When I was growing up I was fascinated by everything luxurious. My Mother always had a collection of magazines that I would pour through, her favourites included...

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Why no-one is listening to you!

Online is the new frontier. It's time for you to stake your claim, or be left behind. Simple. - Susan Young Is Social Media a killer of our future generations or is this the very beginning of how our lives are going to be? Firstly, let me say this.  Social Media and...

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How to believe in yourself

Do you know yourself? Do you like yourself? Can you look in the mirror and honestly, say that you are happy with what you see?  If not, why not?  Why not see yourself as a beautiful human being, because that is what you are?  Why not look at yourself and all of your...

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What is happiness?

To find peace in your heart, you have to know yourself - Susan Young The Chat this week is about you just making up your mind, being in control of your mind, deciding to like yourself and know yourself. How will you find the certainty of who you are?  What do you need...

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Career vs Business or are they both the same?

If you are CEO of Brand You does that mean your career is your new business? Over the last few months I've worked with several IT Professionals during career transitions and through this, I continued to leverage my skills as a recruiter (knowing and understanding how...

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Why Recruiters need to OWN their brands!

People buy from people. Is your Personal Brand aligned to "your people"? - Susan Young Are you the biggest influence in your niche or target industry market?  NO?  Then it could be because you haven't taken full ownership of your Personal Brand. It may be that you...

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Why you MUST be grateful

We are all powerful beings. And this power comes from knowing how to find peace within our hearts and being grateful for everything that we have. - Susan Young Do you find that the right advice is always there if you actually pay attention and listen? I've been...

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Are you brave enough?

It takes courage, real courage to be yourself. To not let self-talk and self-doubt make you limit yourself. Believe you are Brave. Just live. - Susan Young Howdy! Maybe I should be wearing a cowboy hat if I am going to say such things, but hey, I like a "howdy...

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Begin Your Dream TODAY!

When you realise that you are powerful and can accomplish your dreams and then you take action, you will realise life is amazing, because the universe has always got your back. - Susan Young Begin Your Dream TODAY! Before it is too late and you are 6 feet under.  I am...

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What are you NOT?

Last week I had you creating a list of all the things that you LOVE to do (not your partner, not your friends, you, just you).  And because it is "the list making time of year" (have you been naughty or nice by the way) I figured I would task you with another one......

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How to figure out your “what”

Big hello! Almost everyday as I was growing up I would have thoughts of "what am I supposed to be doing with my life" and I knew deep down inside that I was meant for something brilliant, but WHAT???!!! I tried every job imaginable under the sun (apart from McDonalds...

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