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Look back to move forward…

When you can find opportunity in everything, that's when you find success - Susan Young Reflection.  It's that time of year when we all want to look back and reflect at the year that was.  Although, the year isn't over yet.  There is still opportunity to Begin...

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It is all a bunch of BS

I'm sick of listening to myself.  Talking to myself like I am not worth anything.  Telling others to do things without actually doing them myself.  It's time to stop the B.S. - Susan Young I say this but do I really mean it?  Am I actually going to follow up with my...

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Think outside of the box

When you stop thinking the way in which you learned, you will change your life.  - Susan Young Everyone looks the same.  Everyone thinks the same.  Everyone wants to "be like" or aspires to be someone.  We all copy or "steal like an artist" and borrow things and make...

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What’s good enough for you?

Learn what is really good enough for you.  Say "yes" or "no" to empower you and lift you, not hold you back.  - Susan Young Entrepreneurship or small business ownership really is the best form of self-development.  Since I began this mega-journey, all kinds of things...

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On the inside

Everything that you are looking for, you already have,  You just need to look inside yourself.  You'll find it there. - Susan Young Knocked myself off my own rails this morning.  Well, last night actually when I succumbed to my own self-sabotage patterns and engaged...

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Good Susan v’s Bad Susan

It's not your business what others' think or say about you.  The only business you have to worry about is your OWN (and the stories that you are telling yourself) - Susan Young Last week I was talking about this constant paradox which we live in.  And over the last 7...

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Beauty in Strength & Courage

Go to your edge.  Lean in and fall.  (Me!) We live in constant paradox.  Where there is fear, there is love.  Where there is Strength, there is Weakness.  Where there is Courage, there is Cowardice. I am forever feeling the fear, which I move across to love and then...

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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job….Yet!

If you are ready to quit but can't see a way out, wait - there is a way! When you are ready to quit there is something else going on.  It may not be that you no longer are in love with your work, it could be a deeper set feeling, something that you can't quite put...

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Are you limited in your thinking?

Are you bound by your thoughts?  Have you stopped believing that anything is possible? Consciously, when you get up in the morning what do you think of?  How does the day really begin for you?  I've been asking my clients this a lot lately as it's...

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Where’s Your Head At?

If you aren't aware of your surrounding as well as who you are, how can you say you are listening? Brand. Careers. Business. Image. They are all one of the same thing. And something that has been bugging me for a few weeks now, I want to share with you today. Managing...

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Make the most of Who You Are

Who are you?  Who do you want to be?  What does your Personal Brand really represent? This is something that I am asked consistently from my clients - how do I know that I am being myself fully? Well, here's the thing.  We have so many layers as people it can be...

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