Believe it, You’ll see it


There’s something wrong with “believe it when I see it”, instead “believe it and you’ll see it”….try that on for size!

Here’s the thing.  Most of us are subjected to a heap of negativity all of our lives and you know what that does?  It keeps you from dreaming your life alive.  It keeps you from doing the things that you really, really want to do.

So whatever you believe becomes your reality and whatever you think about is EXACTLY what you get.  I love asking the question “what do you want”?  I ask myself this same question often because what we want changes when we realise our belief systems are keeping us playing small or living in mediocrity (eek).

We spend most of our lives working.  And we work so that we can make lots of $$’s for survival and to buy the things we need, want and that we somehow believe make us happy (more on this later).  But did you know that at least 80% of people I’ve interviewed (on the phone and face to face works out to be around 30,000 people), those people are not happy in the work they are doing.

The other 20% say they are happy, I’d say that it’s truthfully maybe only about 10% or less – the reason I say this is that these folks have trained themselves into believing that they love what they do because of expectations, responsibility and the guilt they feel about the possibility to doing what they want in their career.  I’ve asked enough questions to know this.

Everyone has different reasons for staying in careers, jobs and businesses they hate, mostly doing this for other people, not for themselves.  Interesting that our careers are also the reason why we get depressed, eat too much, fall out in relationships, don’t have enough money, have too much money and blow it on things that harm you or get you hooked… but no-one seems to realise that when you are happy in your work, everything else just works out.

When you are happy in your work you start to see things differently.  Your belief systems change, your attitude starts to change, your become more self-aware, accountable and responsible for your actions.  Even when you make less money and you work out how to adjust to a different lifestyle becomes a part of this happy-dance you do.  People are attracted to you, people want to spend time with you, you want to look your best, or let me re-phrase that, you want to look like yourself, you choose to feel your best, you stop doing the stuff that does harm to you (over time and this is from my experience) and you begin to love yourself again.

Don’t get me wrong here, there are lots of ups and downs in life, there always is.  Nothing is ever plain sailing because our thoughts are the things that challenge us and we have to master them.  And when you make a big shift in your life, such as a career change or starting a business, your mind will play a million tricks on you to keep you safe.  But the other side of this is quite beautiful and I really can’t fathom why no-one is talking about Your Career being one of the major things that can lead to fulfillment and ultimately, happiness (which is a choice).

What would your life be like, if you decided that you were going to choose work that you enjoyed every day, rather than sucking it up and doing work that bores you half to death or makes you so sad you don’t want to get out of bed?  Imagine yourself doing what you’ve always dreamed of doing.

A bit like Jim Carey writing himself a cheque for $10 million for acting services.  He believed it with his heart and soul and he saw it.  He worked hard on his mission and he accomplished it.  He wasn’t plucked out of obscurity, he made this happen for himself because he believed it to be true.

I believe that everyone deserves to do great work that they are fully in love with.  Because when we are doing work we love, everyone benefits.  No-one benefits from someone who hates their job.  It has a ripple effect and is noticed (even if you can’t see it yourself), your boss knows, your colleagues know, your partner / friends / parents / siblings / children, they all know.

So what do you want?  What do you believe is possible?  What do you really, really want to be doing every single day?  And if you say lying around on the beach drinking cocktails, that my friend is a cop-out in my opinion.  If you won millions on the lottery would you really just spend your time spending money drinking cocktails?  Sure, you can and if that’s what you want (if it happened) then off you go, but what I’m talking about here is contribution and fulfillment.

Contribution and fulfillment.  Doing great work that you love.  Every single one of us has something of value to offer, it doesn’t matter how big or how small the dream is, we shouldn’t have to wait until we retire to live it.  We should be living it right now.  We should care enough about how we want to feel every single day and be brave enough to make the choice to look after self (being selfish in the kindest way).

Start dreaming again and start believing.  The world needs you to do that.  The world needs you to believe that what you dream of is OK for you to do and it’s OK for you to want.

You can invent your career.  You can find fulfillment.  You can live a life that is just amazing (that you pinch yourself everyday, like that good).  The trick isn’t to search for a new job, but to search for the person or people you want to work with.  Seek them out.  They are seeking you.

But don’t wait for it to happen.  Make it happen.  If you don’t know where to start, just ask.

Love Susan xx

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