If you are CEO of Brand You does that mean your career is your new business?

Over the last few months I’ve worked with several IT Professionals during career transitions and through this, I continued to leverage my skills as a recruiter (knowing and understanding how recruitment works is a great start for many who have to begin the process of job searching) and also balanced this out with the skills I have as a Professional Image Consultant.

These two combined created a Powerful Personal Brand strategy that hasn’t been seen in the marketplace to date and what this means for you, is that I have developed a methodology that emulates entrepreneurship as you build your career and determine your voice, place and strengths in your niche.

Having a career is exactly like running a small business.  The processes are the same, the way in which you must engage and add value to your clients (in a career your client is your employer) is the same, the way in which you act and interact is the same, the way in which you present and turn up is the same… etc etc.

And NOW is the time to really take ownership of your Personal Brand and use this as the driving force being your career (or your business, however you like to frame it) because if you don’t, someone else will manage it for you.

What does this mean?  Simply put, if you don’t begin to move from blend in, to fit in and know when to stand out your “competition” or those who have similar ambitions will be 10 steps ahead of you in the game.  And it is a game, it’s how you play it that will help you win what you want.

And no, you don’t or shouldn’t have to be manipulative to “win” either.  The best way forward for you to own a powerful Personal Brand is to Be Yourself and act with consistency and congruency (and of course, whilst you add value to your clients you are also honouring your values) and use your voice and message to get what you want by delivering outcomes and results.  When you give, you receive in return (be mindful of being grateful too).

When will you decide to see that your Career is a Business and that ultimately you are the CEO of brand you?

Love Susan xx