When doing business you will know and understand how much competition there is out there in the great big wide world.  As a business owner, knowing and understanding your business niche, what is absolutely unique to you should be your Competitive Advantage and Unique Selling Point.

Over the years I have worked with many business owners and organisations who have not yet determined their Unique Selling Point or even aimed to try to identify their Competitive Advantage.

If you are running a business on your own, YOU are the business.  It’s YOU who the clients and customers want to buy from, that’s what makes you different, special and unique.  It works exactly the same if you are employed by an organisation to sell a Service such as Consulting, Training, Mentoring or Recruitment (even when you are selling that organisation’s brand).

OK, so you have been in business for some time, in fact your business has shown some success and you really want to take it to the next level.  What do you feel is holding the business back?  You can ask this same question to yourself even if you are employed by an organisation.

Often I have come across themes within the landscapes of a small business or within the mindset of business people who have the following limitations of thought:


there is too much competition, my brand, product or service will never be seen.

I can’t compete against low pricing structures and low margin sales.

I don’t know who my competition are.


I don’t understand why I’m not winning enough business.

I can’t seem to win enough consistent business to build upon.

I win some business then my clients’ don’t come back.


My price point is low, but I still lose out to the competition.

I can’t put my prices up because I’ll lose to the competition.

I keep losing clients who I thought were my bread and butter and I don’t know why.

There are a myriad of limiting thoughts you can have about business and achieving success, these are just a few examples.  Take a moment to think how one or perhaps a few of these examples may be relevant to you.

Do any of them sing true to you?

Let me ask you this;  why are you in the business that you are in?  Did you go into business on your own as you were seeking financial freedom, gain and rewards as well as the ultimate lifestyle?

And the same goes for anyone who works for an organisation where you have a service to sell (e.g. Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Recruitment); what drives you to be in your role?

Think about those drivers and why you are there and then take a few steps back to look at your values, goals, dreams and see if there is any synergy between those and what you have set up for your business.

Sorry, did I just hear you say that you haven’t done that for your business?  I know, it seems like I’m mocking you – I AM!

But in a good way, of course.  YOU are a small business owner and YOU want to be successful and YOU want to “have it all”.  The same goes for those of you out there selling a Service.

Go back to the start and look at understanding Who You Are and what you want to be remembered for, in business and in your personal life.

Take the steps to get to know Your Essential Self to discover how you can apply yourself to your business or service by imparting YOU an YES to the client or customer.

It’s YOU who sells what you do and it’s YES that gets you the amazing clients and customers you are looking for.  Get YES and you will be doing business in your own Ultimate Style and Beautifully Rich way!

Questions?  Fire away….

Love Susan xxx