Most of us have had days where our Confidence has been knocked for six because of an experience that we feel has “happened to us”.  I say that in inverted commas for a reason.

Far too often we take what other people say to us personally.  I had a recent experience at a funeral where the grieving widow said something to me that made me step back, take a deep breath and think “should I even be here”.

I spent the night thinking about what was said, how it was said and how the comment made me feel and all the while I was trying “not to take it personally”, particularly as I was attending a funeral – all manner of things can be said when we are in a grief stricken state.

But, I actually didn’t sleep well that night at all.  I’m sure that this has happened to many of you, something is said to you and your Confidence wanes, you feel insecure and spend too much of your time worrying about what another person thinks of you, am I right?

Confidence comes from understanding and knowing Your Essential Self.  When we feel that someone or something has knocked our Confidence down a peg or two (and sometimes this is a good thing) we are left with feelings we don’t like.

These feelings are generated only by one person.  That is YOU.  So if you are feeling less Confident today about something that has happened in your Business or Role in an Organisation, I want you to take a step back and think about the reason WHY you are feeling this way.

Go as far back as you can to seek out what has happened in your past that is recurring as a theme for you in your life.

I know that lots of us have a recording playing in the background that wants us to be liked by others.  What I have learned over the years is that if other people don’t like you, it’s actually none of your business.  Let them get on with living their lives and just concentrate on living your own.

The only business you need to know is the business of understanding YES.  YES = Your Essential Self.  Get to know yourself in your way and even when things do make your Confidence shake just a little, you will get it back because you are Special, Unique, Different as well as an Inspiration, a Leader, a Thought Provoker, you are Loved.

You will learn to brush off the unnecessary thinking patterns and behaviours that have been conditioned to your blueprint and change the recurring recordings playing in the background, the limiting belief systems.

You will learn to forgive others and to forgive yourself by unlocking the keys to your Confidence and allowing yourself to move forward with grace.

In business, things, situations and experiences will always “happen to us”.  But it is up to us to take responsibility for the choices and decisions that we made for these situations to occur.  What were we doing, what were we thinking, how did we act, how did we interact?

There isn’t anyone or anything that can give you Confidence.  It’s down to YOU to bring out Confidence on your own, in your Ultimate Style and Beautifully Rich way.

Go shine, Be Amazing, Have an Awesome Day!

Love Susan xxx