Maybe I should ask a better question. WHEN do you march to the beat of your own drum?

I’m asking this question because I’m pretty sure you think that you do that all the time, right? Here’s the thing though, if you’re not being fully you, how can you possibly be marching to beat of your own drum?

You can’t.


Though, I bet you are in a march of sorts, maybe with a little bit of a beat from your mentor or coach, and a little bit of a beat from your family and a little bit of beat from your friends, kids, relationships and so on.

Because none of us are out of the cycle of being pre-conditioned and living outside of our subconscious beliefs. What I mean by that is this:

When we are living by other people’s expectations and authority and mix this with a gazillion conscious and subconscious belief constructs, there’s a beat that’s definitely not ours.

I want to give you some context to why I’m writing about this today.

I’ve been fired up all week. Well, all month actually. Because I’ve been meeting my fears and going into the dark places within to find the shadows and subconscious beliefs that have kept me playing small. And if you know me, there’s nothing small, secret or quiet about me (unless I’m in ultra introvert mode).

I wrote a #marketday post in Facebook group. It’s a pretty cool group, lots of amazing women and I’ve met lots of my favourite clients and people in there. This post attracted a lot of attention, mostly how much folks loved it.

Now, I’ll come back to how I really feel about Facebook and Groups in another post (and the whole reason why I created the One96 Community) because this is SUPER relevant and important.

But for now, here’s the post I wrote:

 just before you drift off (or I do), let’s all wake up to something. 
You’re never going be a success in business until you decide and commit to it.


I haven’t even started, so don’t read any further if you don’t want the truth….

Business is business, it’s not personal until you make it so, which is exactly what you are doing when you don’t show up for it.

Showing up means being visible. 
Showing up means marketing. 
Showing up means closing sales. 
Showing up means delivery.

And a truck-load more.

Because you’re running a personal brand business, it makes it all that much harder.

You have to be vulnerable. 
You have to tell your story. 
You can no longer hide.

This IS the new world of work. 
Your Career IS your business and you business is your career and this IS your life, there is no separation.

Once you “get” this, you’ll want to start marketing and you’ll want to be seen and recognised, not for fame or for ego, but for SERVICE.

You are the new generation of leaders. 
You are here to make an impact.

Though only 1% of the 5% of the 8% will step up.

And I know that you desperately want to be one of the above, but not in the systemised old way of doing things.

You want to be the % of the % doing this thing called life, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand with those who want to change this world, right?

Well, there is a way.

And it starts with getting out of YOUR OWN way.

And it’s figureoutable.

To align with your truth.

Question is, do you really want to step into your soul’s great work?

If so, I have one intensive spot left for March and 2 in April.

6 weeks, deep dive into creating the biz you are meant for.

$1750 Inc GST I’m bonkers for giving this away.

Lead, live & love what you do. And make money, massive impact and finally, have a message, marketing and make sales being fully you.

Wanna play?

Comment below or PM me.

Love Susan x

P.S I may have had one too many ginger teas, think that stuff makes me a little wild!

P.P.S if somehow the pic shows up and I have my ukulele, pretend you didn’t see it 😉😉😉

And I got my first “angry” face and comment… now, I get the comment and I responded… but the more I thought about it, the more I was like… hmmmmm…. you know what, I need to explore this idea that if “everyone marches to the beat of their own drum”, then would the world be a different place? 

Would we be in the same shit we’re in as a planet or would we actually be in a peaceful society? Would the “new entrepreneurs” of this time, actually SHOW UP and SERVE or would they continue to be of service to what society tells them… are you getting my point?

Sometimes I know what I’m trying to say but it doesn’t come out clear enough.

So I’ll say it again.

Is it REALLY your drum your are having a merry march to or someone else’s?

Because I truly don’t believe that any of us can be on a march that’s totally ours until we’ve given up our beliefs that we can’t take up space, shine, be ourselves, play full out and BE, DO, HAVE everything that we desire.

How can it be possible?

It’s a bit like me learning the Ukulele and not quite getting the tunes right because I wasn’t counting time (or measures). So it sounds good, but it’s not quite right.

Sure, you may get your march and beat in-time now and then, but are you consciously BEING YOURSELF all of the time?


Thought so.

Don’t lie to me now.

We’re all in this together.

And when I’m fired up, and post shizzle mcfizzle like the above I’m not just writing it for you, I’m writing it for ME. I AM my own medicine. And you should be yours.

And if you really do want to march to the beat of your own drum, you need to get out of your head, out of your own way, into your heart and start showing up and serving the way in which is right for you.

That’s all folks.

Comment below if you think I’m banging on the wrong side of the tune.

Love Susan xx

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