Stop Hiding – Start Shining

We all do it, hide away from our brilliance at one time or another. Some of seem to be better equipped at putting ourselves out there, and then there are others among us who find it incredibly difficult to find their voice and shine their light.

It’s very easy for me to write about these topics and not actually “show my face” as it were, because I get to hide behind a computer screen no-one really sees the emotion or deep rooted conditioning that swirls around my head (good v’s bad self-sabotage chat) … and over the past few days, I’ve been discussing this within groups online and what I’ve uncovered is quite scary.

Out of 25 people I interviewed, 20 of them felt that they were too afraid to share their story, be vulnerable and have the courage to put their selves “on the line” and actually start to develop their personal brand, fully, with intent to become known as an expert and deliberately build a strong reputation in their industry.

Reputation management is a huge part of personal branding. Online or offline, your reputation is “being managed” for you in all that you do, the way you walk, talk, dress, interact, act, write emails, blog, sound / tone, how you ask for your coffee, manners etc. are all part of your brand and how you will be remembered (reputation).

Fear of being judged, or of not being good enough, fear of being “trolled”.

How about instead of being afraid of what people may think of you, or say about you (which is quite possibly all good, and the trolls, you kill them with kindness and never engage) and instead, if you are going to be afraid of something, be afraid of being mediocre. The lovely Colette Werden said this once and it stuck in my head.

Mediocre doesn’t get noticed for promotions. Mediocre doesn’t get remembered for delivering results. Mediocre doesn’t get recognition for the great work and service they bring to the world.

Mediocre doesn’t change lives.

Each and every one of us has something (which you’ll find in your story) that is valuable to others, something that we can teach so that others realise that they are not alone and they too can “be” whatever it is they want to….

They say we teach what we need to learn. Can you see the irony here… (having a little giggle on the inside) .. and if we don’t bring our best out and share it with the world when we have the opportunity to do so, we are doing the world a disservice.

There is no-one like you. There is no other person on this planet that has lived your life or can walk the exact same path as you. That, my friend is important to know and understand.

That means that you are awesome, incredible, unique, brilliant, different and special.

Please, don’t forget to be awesome.

Love S xxx

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