If you are ready to quit but can’t see a way out, wait – there is a way!

When you are ready to quit there is something else going on.  It may not be that you no longer are in love with your work, it could be a deeper set feeling, something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but it’s there nagging you day in and day out.  A feeling that you know you are more, your are bigger than the role and career you have created for yourself, but you can’t see a way out.

I know how it feels to believe you can’t leave your job.  Your life is good.  You have mastered your career and are in a role that pays you over six figures a year, you have a wonderful relationship, a fabulous group of friends, your family believe that you are doing really well, in fact to everyone looking in, you have it sorted right?

Wrong.  You are over it.  You are tired of the B.S and having to “sell your soul” to do what you once really enjoyed.  You are bored and feel dread on a Sunday evening knowing that Monday morning is looming, so you don’t sleep.

You ask yourself, “why I am feeling like this”?  You have everything.  You feel GUILTY for feeling like this, you keep saying to yourself “why, why do I feel like this, I should be more grateful, I should be happy with my lot”.

And that feeling of wanting more is still there.  It doesn’t seem to ever want to go away.  You’ve been watching other people online, seeing ads on Facebook of women who have started their online businesses, building tribes, building a laptop lifestyle and you wonder if you could too.  But you don’t even have an idea.  You don’t have any business skills, or technical skills, although you love Social Media, you don’t really know how the whole thing works (or where you would find the time to make it work for you).

You have always strived to be the best at what you do.  You know you are smart, capable, funny, dependable, intelligent, lovable, friendly and have a strong network.  But yet you doubt yourself.  And because you are no longer enjoying your work, you are noticing that you are starting to do things without so much care.  And you are worried about your reputation, what will happen to your influence in the long run if something doesn’t change.

It seems like there is nowhere to go.

I know you are afraid of falling into a depression.  Of feeling tired, sick and lonely – like no-one will understand where you are coming from.  Particularly because you seem to look like “you have it all”.  A new house, an investment property, a great car, holidays and of course, the well-paying career that you feel like a fraud in.

You think that you’ll stick it out for one more year.  That’s all you have left in you.  And you worry what will happen next.  What will happen to your relationship, what will happen to your finances and this amazing lifestyle you have created for yourself.  What will your friends and family think of you if you were to quit or give up.  Or even worse, if you were to fall sick or into a depression because you just don’t want to turn up anymore?

These are all good questions my friend.  And I know how you feel.  I have been there.  In the darkness of depression (to the point the doctor signed me off from work) even though I had, what most would say, “the perfect life”.

There was nothing perfect about it.  Simply because I had forgotten who I was.  And who I was meant to be.  I’ve been working on my business since 2009 – in and out of contracts (through fear) and in and out of courses (trying to find the right fit for me).  And through it all, up until this year I was still confused.  I was still unsure of “what I was meant to do with my life” and then I had a breakthrough.

What I have learned about “the laptop lifestyle” is that YOU can create a life for yourself, with your story, skills and experience.  You don’t have to give up your job (not just yet anyway) and you don’t have to give up your perfect life.

What you do need to do is make a decision.  And that is simple.  What do you really want your life to look like?  Do you want to be a 97% of the population that lives in mediocrity or do you want to join the 3% who live their truth and a life of freedom and abundance?

If you want to be in that 3% you can.  My mission is to make that 3% bigger, let’s take it to 5% and above.  Let’s start changing the world.  (Because we can).  Let’s start doing what we were made for in this world.  Because we should.  Let’s make a difference to those who are 2 steps behind us and need our help.

I know what it feels like to be you.  I have been there.  I have changed my life.  I have created a freedom business and I will teach you how to do the same.  You don’t even need to have an idea.  You just have to have a that feeling, that you want more, that there is something “nagging” at you.  If that feeling is there, trust it.  The Universe has got your back and so do I.

If you want it.  You can have it.  I can show you how.

My next program will be released soon but you can access it HERE.  You will learn how to build a micro-business (online or offline) whilst you are still working full-time (I hear your excuses already, I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I don’t have the skills…. I’m telling you now that is your ego and self-sabotage talking, I’ll teach you how to get past that too) – you’ll build a secondary income that will become your full-time income and you can leave.

And it will be YOUR business.  No crazy MLM scheme.  No re-selling of a product in a pyramid scheme (and this is why it took me so long, I had to create this model from scratch, but it works) – your business, your way, because you are unique and have a different gift than I have to give.

Look at your life and what you really want.  Add this to your plans NOW and take a small risk.  This may be the smallest, but biggest investment in yourself you will ever make.

I’ll see you over there (details below).

Love Susan xx