How long do you really have to make an impact in this life?

In the summer, it’s pretty rare that I would eat ice-cream. It brings back memories of when I was a child and visiting the zoo. I was little, so the memory fades, but what I remember is that it was a hot day and [because I eat so slowly] my ice-cream started to melt over my hands, which I didn’t like so I got upset. The next thing I know, the ice-cream was whipped out of my hands (either by an elephant or a relative, I can’t remember which) and I was scolded for being upset (who likes having sticky fingers, personally, I don’t).

It is a very rare and special occasion if I eat ice-cream in the summer. Instead, I prefer it when it’s cold outside and there’s no chance of it melting!

What has me eating ice-cream in the winter got to do with Personal Branding?

We develop our personality early on in life. How we react and act in various situations absolutely has an affect on how we perceive things in the present. This is your personal brand at work. One component of it.

So, even though I choose to eat ice-cream in winter, this stems from a very old record playing in my belief system (if I eat it in summer something bad will happen and I don’t want that to be the case, I don’t’ want to be “mucky” – another component of my personal brand, looking good).

Instead of actually facing the demon and making a change with the “charge” around the ice-cream and the potential consequences of eating it [and not allowing myself the pleasure of the treat] I allow the record to keep playing. Why? When I could, in fact just eat ice-cream in summer.

I’ve trained myself to believe that “I like it when it’s cold”, that’s actually true, but also a lie. Because I am quite sure I’d enjoy it in summer too, if only I gave it a go.

How long do you have to punish yourself for something that happened decades ago? It’s self-inflicted punishment. And this record or story playing in the background is just an illusion. Which is also a component of your brand, these stories that you are telling yourself that unconsciously appear in the real world in situations, quite often reactionary things that happen in your day to day life.

Here’s the thing; if you are continually “punishing” yourself for things that happened in your past, how can you possibly be living the best version of yourself and how long do you really have left in this life to make an impact? Because right now, if you are not doing what you love, working with the people you want to hang out with every day, filling your life with the things you desire, eating the stuff that makes your heart sing, then is that living at all?

And is it true to your real inner essence? The true innate amazing person you are who is full of light, grace and elegance (and a whole host of other awesomness)…. Your Personal Brand is not just about your clothes / personal style or image. It’s more than that, it’s everything that you are and everything that you bring to the world.

[bctt tweet=”Eat ice-cream if you like it. Be who you were always meant to be”]

That is, brilliant by the way!

Love Susan xx

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