Has it ever crossed your mind that whilst you “waste” away your hours at work, in a job that you dislike that your Employer actually Employed YOU to be Empowered in your role?

Puts another spin on it doesn’t it?

See here’s the thing.  There are way too many people out there that I know of who think one or more of the following:

A)  My boss is an idiot – I could do a better job

B)  This company sucks, they have no idea how to do business

C)  My old organisation did things the “right way”

D)  I dislike my job, but I’m very loyal and the organisation has been good to me

Hmmmm.  To me, there is an opt-out excuse in every single one of those statements.  And when I say opt-out, I mean an excuse for you to either BLAME or DENY your ability and accountability, not just in your job but in your LIFE.

Answer to A) 

Do something sweetie.  If your boss is an idiot and you could do a better job, then why not PROVE to yourself (and to your Boss / Employer) that you are capable and able, ACTION yourself to DO MORE and be noticed and accounted for when tasks or projects need to be completed so that you get the OPPORTUNITY to do the GOOD STUFF in your organisation.

If you really dislike the work that you do, you know you can make a choice not to do that job anymore.

If you really, really dislike the work that you do, you know you can make a choice not to do that job anymore.

If you really, really dislike and hate the work that you do, THEN WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?

Wait,  just before you give me your excuse as to WHY you THINK you SHOULD still be working in a job you really, really dislike, let me tell you something.


Answer to B)  

Get on board!  Every organisation that I have ever come across* do business in their own way.  That means that the organisation has come up with their own particular method and cycle for getting their product or service to market, engaging clients, making sales etc.

From experience, all too often our ideas on how to make improvements or to do things better often go unheard (or we try to do things without authority and get our wrists slapped for it) – the reason for this is that CEO’s of big organisations (or little one’s for that matter) main interest is in the PROFIT that the organisation is making as the COMPANY that the CEO runs is there to do what?  Uh-huh, that’s right, MAKE MONEY.  And to make money, a system, method and cycle has been put in place.  So, if you are whinging about the way the money is being made, don’t forget that this is HOW YOU GET PAID.

You can either GET ON BOARD with the way things are done, or you don’t have to do it their way – if you can do it better, go and open your own business and do it your way!  Simple right?  Wrong, because if it was that simple, everyone would have their own business and you would be the CEO of “your company”.

There are many ways to impart brilliant ideas for making changes within a business, but before you go off and tell everyone just how great “x” is, produce some real results first, then you are in a position to negotiate an idea.

If you can’t present results that you have achieved in your role, then perhaps it’s time to make a move to a different organisation.  Because if you are not creating RESULTS you are not being an EMPOWERED EMPLOYEE and you are wasting TIME.

Which brings me to answer C)

If your ex-Employer did everything the “right way” then you have to ask yourself, why did you leave?  Wait.  Before you answer that, I’m guessing I already know the answer.  You needed to grow, to experience more, you wanted to do something different, you wanted to meet new people, expand your network and you wanted to LEARN and DEVELOP and EVOLVE.

You know the only way to LEARN, DEVELOP and EVOLVE is to EMBRACE CHANGE.  You made the move and you are in the role.  Work out what’s holding you back, if it is “GRIEF” from leaving your last employer, let me tell you that this is very common, but it’s time to LET GO.  You don’t work there anymore!  Let go.  Go on, move on, get on with things.

And of course then there’s answer D) the best excuse of them all.  You really, really dislike your job but because of your “LOYALTY” you can’t leave!  I’m laughing as I write this because seriously, WHAT A JOKE and that joke is on you by the way.  You only need to be LOYAL to YOU when it comes to your Career and your Life’s Work.  And here’s another question, if you are being LOYAL to your Employer, but you dislike your job, have you considered ASKING FOR A MOVE into another department or to get involved in a PROJECT where you can LEARN SOMETHING NEW?

Fear of the unknown will hold you back from making any changes or even asking your Boss a question (which could give you a very definitive response and you’ll know where you stand) – it’s time to embrace this FEAR and EMPOWER yourself to be EMPLOYED in a role that you absolutely LOVE and want to do, every single day of the year!

Wherever you are right now and whatever your role in your organisation or your own business, you are Employed to be Empowered.  If you always think of it this way, you will move from “I hate my job” to “I love my job even more every day”.

With love

Susan xxx

* Susan has engaged with over 18,000 businesses (and counting) in the last 15 years.  If you would like to know more about Career & Style Strategies to get you heading on the right path for you CONTACT SUSAN for more information on upcoming workshops, seminars and programs for you or your organisation.