You are already a brand.  Which means in the new paradigm shift, you are actually a Business. (Susan Young)

Hiring talent is any organisations biggest headache and YOU are the magic pill for them.  IF you can deliver a successful outcome on a project that is!

Although lots of organisations still hire permanent employees, have you noticed that this may only last 2 years and then redundancies occur?  Also, a trend is now starting in large corporate’s where “activity” based working is the norm (you have no ownership of a desk, only a laptop and a locker – you will change where you work every day)….this can be quite a shock to employees who have never moved desks in their lives to suddenly not having a “home”… the disruptive workplace is upon us; as is the trust that as an employee you will deliver on your specific role.  But you can’t just be a delivery focused employee either, you also have to shift your mindset into one that is “vital” to any organisation and can prove credibility though a history of delivery and outcomes (as well as ideas) and a strong reputation, which means that YOU have to learn how to market yourself.

If you don’t promote yourself, someone else will do it for you and I can guarantee that if it’s someone else doing the work on your behalf, you aren’t going to like it (unless of course you are already classed as an expert and have a full PR & Media team at your beck and call).  Jokes aside there is a new way of getting that promotion or becoming a valued and sought after thought leader in your field and yes, you’ve guessed it, you need to take full ownership of your Personal Brand.

You are essentially CEO of Brand YOU.  Whether you are in a career and want to take the next step up, or if you really want to move from being an employee to become an entrepreneur, these are the first 5 things you need to do (and improve upon).

1.  BACK YOURSELF.  Know what your strengths are and what you want to be remembered for.

2.  Know the WHY behind what you do and uncover you back story.  This is what drives and compels you to keep going.

3.  What are you (currently) an EXPERT in?  Know your industry / niche and where you can influence and / or find influencers.

4.  Learn how to NETWORK (both online and offline) – your network is your worth!

5.  Publish & get SOCIAL.  You stand for something, know something and have a unique spin on what you know.  Get your ideas out there via Social Media (or set up your own blog) so you can start to develop your specialty and build an audience.

And no, I didn’t mention Personal Style or Image.  This is a vital component of your Personal Brand, but it’s not everything.  In fact there are LOTS more things that you need to take ownership of, but I’ll delve deeper into these over the coming weeks.

This list isn’t going to magically make you a business person or entrepreneur overnight, but it’s the right place to begin.  Particularly with no.1 – if you can’t back yourself with what you know (combined skills, story, experience and leverage) then you won’t be able to get anything off the ground.  And to get something off the ground you have to be able to market your story (which has to have a compelling message to engage and attract people to you) and market this story, with your strengths to your niche or industry… and if you aren’t able to network successfully in this niche / industry then NO-ONE will know who you are so you must put yourself out there via the opportunity we have Online and Offline….can you see the logic?

Hope this is useful, any questions or comments please fire away below and if you love what you just read, please share!

Love Susan xxx