It’s the New Year. Happy one to you, I hope it’s filled with all that you desire. But before you get stuck into your goals, intention setting and all the things you want to create, have you had a good look at your business and what has worked / not worked?

Before you take any further steps, take a look at your operations and fix your leaky holes…


This means, that only you are responsible for the outcomes that you want to achieve, sure you can have a team, a VA or an OBM (that’s online business manager), Web Developers / Designers, Facebook Ads Managers etc. to help you with the operations of your funnels, site and ads etc. but at the end of the day, you are in charge of directing them.

I see so many business owners, especially solo-preneurs who hire others to ‘fix things in their business for them, put ALL their faith in them to make the things work they way they want them to, without providing the right direction and communication to make it happen.

When you hire, make sure that you have an operations manual of your business BEFORE you start so that you are clear on direction, the role and your expectations. Because it’s NOT the fault of your VA/OBM if you don’t make sales. That’s down to you and the direction you’ve provided.

Same goes when you hire for branding. You are still in charge of the creative direction.

There’s a catch-22 to this. Often we want to hire for expertise in areas that we aren’t great at, absolutely, that’s an affirmative yes, but if you don’t know how to operate the things in your business (and what’s working / not working) before you hire, you’re going to head into trouble and quite possibly, pay for them not just in invoices and fees!

You’re team aren’t going to save you or your business.

Just like in a corporate operation, everyone has a ‘job’ and rely on direction. As human’s we have our own expectations of what we can / want to achieve and more often than not, when someone wants to get hired, they’ll do the best they can with the knowledge they have, but still, it’s your job to manage this – not theirs. And it’s your job to communicate effectively.

Hiring is one of the hardest things to do in business. It can make or break things…but can give you the freedom to stay in your zone of genius. However, unless you know how to market and make sales YOURSELF, then you shouldn’t be hiring a team until you have mastered this.

What should you outsource first?

Ideally, you want to outsource the things that you know you aren’t great at, but KNOW how they work e.g. Book-keeping, Accounting to start with.

When I first started out, I learned EVERYTHING in my business so I know how the whole operation works. So when I hire, I hire people who I know are geniunely better than me at the things I’m not great at or don’t enjoy.

Sure, this made building my business a harder task, but as a start-up I didn’t have the funds sitting in my bank account spare to outsource, so I had to learn it all. And frankly, it was the best thing I ever did.

When I did hire, I hired a mentor to teach me to get better at guess what…. SALES and MARKETING which I’m already good at.

I now have a VA and that’s it. I run a lean business and I teach my VA the things I want her to do, because if I take the time to show her how my business works and runs, then I know that I am fully accountable and responsible for the outcomes.

I also have a book-keeper and accountant. And, until I scale my business I won’t hire anyone else (in fact, I’ll be collaborating in to get help and hire).


It’s not your Mentor or Coach’s job to save you and your business. When you aren’t making sales, it’s usually for 2 very simple reasons:

  1. You aren’t marketing yourself (or don’t know how to)
  2. You are afraid of sales / don’t like selling / being sold to

Your Mentor or Coach are there to offer their expertise and for you to act on / implement ideas that suit you and what you want for your business. They aren’t there to run your business or do the work for you. That’s on you.

Back to the Sales and Marketing piece. The most important factor of your business excluding delivery. If you are in business, you have to be able to market yourself, show up, be visible and learn how to turn conversations into conversions and sales.


If I was to ask you what your workflow(s) look like from start to finish from marketing / lead generation to on-boarding, delivery and off-boarding to you have a clear and defined path for this?

What does the experience look and feel like for a prospect?

How would someone FEEL throughout the whole workflow? Is there one or just parts of one that get invented each time you are lucky enough to attract a new client into your business?


Keep it simple. When you are just starting out, you need a few simple things to get you going.

  1. Presence on a platform for lead generation
  2. A process for sales / on-boarding
  3. Invoicing / Getting paid / Contracts / Refunds / Insurance
  4. A process for delivery
  5. A processs for off-boarding

That’s it. If you are in a service based industry or run a Personal Brand business (e.g. you’re a coach, healer, teacher, mentor, consultant, stylist, photographer) this is all you need to get up and running.

All of this can be done without websites, funnels and ‘all the things’ you think you should have to look legit in business. Because the real work is done when you create connection through your marketing and lead generation and conversations.

Get your leaky holes fixed, become more accountable and responsible for YOUR business, it is yours afterall, you’re in charge and don’t rely on others to do the work for you. Get support and help, collaborate and create a team of like-minded folks so you’re not isolated and alone.

Hope this helps.

Love Susan xx