No matter which side of the tracks you are from, there is endless possibility for greatness.

Which side of the tracks is the right side?  Is there really such a thing as the wrong side of the tracks?  Well, I guess that all depends on your conditioning and up-bringing.

I always believed that I was brought up on the “right side” but it really depends on which way you look at the tracks.  The direction you want to head in may be either way, but how do you choose which is right and which is wrong?

Instinctively we know what is good for us, but, if you are anything like me, you may have chosen the “wrong” side a few times.  It’s really easy when you are brought up in a certain way to believe that the choices you are making are good for you and OK.  What I’m talking about here is excessive partying and rebelling (I was a bit of a wild child, not naughty in a bad way, just like a bit of fun) and going out of my way to hang out with the “wrong” people from the “wrong” side of the tracks.

Over the years I’ve done things that I am both proud of and not so proud of.  Jings, I wouldn’t be half the human being I am if I hadn’t.  What I realise, when I look at this picture is that there seems to be only one direction – looking forwards.  But, what if for a second you take another look at the picture and imagine you are looking over your shoulder and backwards, behind you.  You can’t see ahead of you and you don’t know what is coming next.

Our future is unknown.  We don’t know one day from the next what is right in front of us.  We can predict a commute to work and a train journey, but the experience, feelings and steps will never be exactly the same.

Every day in my business I look at my goals, my values and my numbers.  I look at these as a guide to take me into the unknown future because I cannot predict what is there.  And because I cannot predict it, only make choices that keep me on track to the direction I choose, (even though sometimes I go off the rails) I give myself these things daily to build courage, strength and confidence that where I am heading is always on the right side, not the wrong side of the tracks for my clients and my business and my overall well-being.

Personal Branding is a little like this.  You build a career not knowing what your future holds, but you have goals, values and numbers you want to achieve and you aspire to greatness (of which there is infinite possibility) and what that means for you, greatness, is a very personal thing.  Personal Branding online is even more like this, you don’t know who is watching, listening, paying attention to your every move so you need to be on track with who YOU are at all times.  And when you do this well, the direction that you head in doesn’t seem so scary because the people you need and who need you, will be on track right beside you.

That, you have to believe and trust to be true.

Happy day to you folks.

Love Susan xx

And if you don’t share this because you don’t care, then off down the wrong side of the tracks for you.  Hee hee, jokes!