How do you Quit?

by | Oct 27, 2015

We are always quitting something, making resolutions and “should-a-s” but what happens when you really want to quit doing the work you hate?


I’ve never really been one for much caution, in fact most would say I’m a little bit fast in my decision making process and it’s true, there have been some reckless decisions along the way.

But when it comes to quitting, it’s something I’ve always found incredibly easy, usually because I have allowed things get to a point where they are no longer tolerable and that’s not a healthy place to be quitting from and I don’t want that for you, so how do you quit?  Here are some ideas that you can implement as you go through the process of firing your boss, signing your resignation letter and quitting the work you loathe.

  1.  See your current situation as your vehicle to move.  Take the path of least resistance (e.g. your are getting paid for the work you are doing, if you don’t have savings, don’t quit until you are 100% committed to finding ways to support yourself) and ensure that you focus on the work you do love until your plan is ready to make your move.
  2. Make a plan.  Seriously, have something in place that includes goals, a list of organisations that you’d like to work for, or start training in the relevant field to up-skill from where you are now.  The faster you start the process of doing the work that is required to make your bold move the faster you’ll be able to say ‘see ya’.
  3. Make another plan.  Your exit plan – be realistic and set a date of when you’d like to leave, what you’d like to be going to (do you want to be self-employed, create a business or find a new career?) and where you’d like to be doing this, and with whom?
  4. Do you have the money honey?  It’s all well and good saying your gonna quit, but if you haven’t got a stash of cash you my be setting yourself up for a bumpy and super-stressful ride (take it from someone who knows).  Save up 3 months worth of your current salary and when you do leave, don’t blow it on nights out and new shoes, keep it to use to support yourself, invest in yourself and also to pay yourself a minimum amount each week.  Your 3 months salary should last you double what it normally does if you don’t go crazy.
  5. Know what you want.  Have one main goal and stick to it.  If you are multi-passionate and easily distracted, write down 100 ideas of things you would like to do.  Narrow it down to the 2 favourites.  Do a test on these ideas to figure out if you have the capability, skills and experience, then pick one.  Focus on that one to begin with and you’ll be One Million miles ahead of anyone else.
  6. Don’t doubt yourself.  Ever.  You are the only person in the world that can manage you properly, so you have to step up and get in control of your life (or your family, boss, friends, partner will do it for you) and you get to choose.
  7. Going back to the stash of cash, invest in yourself.  Make sure you are have new skills, have hired a coach or mentor – this is a great place to begin if you are even just thinking about throwing in the towel.
  8. Don’t be fooled by nay-sayers.  People will want to keep you safe and make sure you are OK.  The best way to know if you are being blindsided by well meaning folks is to listen to your thoughts and your intuition.  I’ll bet you a dollar you are still thinking “I am quitting”.
  9. Quitting a career may not be the thing that is actually going to resolve whatever is going on.  It could be you just have a really shit boss, team or project to work on and you need another challenge.  Speak to the relevant people and start showing your skills as an intrapreneur (that’s an internal entrepreneur) and let the business you are in see that you are keen to do something else and are prepared to do some new things (even if it does mean working later / earlier).  Gaining new knowledge is way better than sitting at your desk pondering your naval.
  10. Ask for help.  We are all so rubbish at asking for help its’ often almost verging on ridiculous.  If you really want to quit your career and do something new, speak to folks that have done it before.  Gain some insights into what happens when you transition.  And if you want to speak to me for 30 minutes (for free) you can do that by simply clicking here to get booked in for a chat.

I know that sometimes it is necessary to resign your position (for a number of reasons) and leave.  If you are in a dire situation and need to get out but don’t know who to talk to, book in above.  I’ll help you get your head clear, give you some direction and get you going on the path to #createyourcareer – if it happens that your micro-business needs some structure, do the same.  A career is a business – they are one of the same thing.

Love Susan xx

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