To get to the top you have to be prepared for the climb.  Will you make it?

Once upon a time there was a young Venture Scout who lived in Scotland….. that’s me BTW.  Yep, I was a scout.  Venture Scouts was a great place for me to hang out as a teenager as a) there were boys and b) we got to go camping.  I love camping.

Our amazing Scout Leader, Scottie would organise cool trips for us and also, we’d get to meet Scouts from other countries…uh-huh, boys.  Anyhoo… why am I rambling on about Scouts?  When I saw this picture it reminded me of a time when we went hiking in the Pennines of North Cumbria in England.  Our scout leader didn’t believe that we were fit enough to make it to the pinnacle of a certain mountain and back down again within a certain amount of time.  My friend Carol and I, of course saw this as a challenge and pushed ourselves to get to the top as fast as we could.

We did get to the top and we got back down the mountain before our team-mates and sat inside the cafe at the bottom waiting for them.  I just happened to get chatted-up by a cute soldier too – this isn’t really part of the story, just threw it in to amuse myself.

So, we got up the mountain and back down again before anyone else.  Do you think the boys believed us that we did it?  Nope.  Do you think that they spent the rest of the day saying we cheated and just wanted to sit in the cafe to ogle the cute soldiers, yep.  The thing is, we did actually do it (I would admit it, if I had been telling fibs all of these years) and we were really proud of our accomplishment, but it went unnoticed and almost ridiculed.

This is what it is like when you start a business and build your brand.  No-one notices what you are doing and you feel like you are climbing a mountain that has no top.  The going is hard and treacherous and often, there is no safety net should you slip up and fall.  You just have to get back up, no matter how much it hurts and keep on going.  Every now and then a cute stranger will give you a “gift” that will keep you going so you will push on even though your friends, colleagues, team-mates and family think that you are climbing a slippery scale.

I wrote this today for you if you feel like you can’t see the top and you don’t want to be lonely when you get there.  It’s not lonely at the top, there are others who have been there before you and there are plenty more following in your steps.  Keep pushing to get there, you’ll reach a pinnacle and from that view, you will see the next height that you want to climb.  You’ll reach that goal and you’ll see the next one.

There are lots of big mountains to climb when you want the best for yourself.  If, like me you are afraid of staying at the bottom and don’t like the idea of getting stuck in the middle, keep climbing.  You’ve got this.

Love Susan xx

P.S  If you need some help with the climb, click the link on the right for a chat – it’s free and I will take you from the bottom to the middle and then the top in no time.

P.P.S  Kendal Mint Cake was made for climbers and for sharing.  Leave a minty taste in your wake….share that stuff around.