How my Personal Brand wins me work

by | Aug 7, 2015

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Janine Allis is a well-known and super-successful Australian entrepreneur and founder of Boost Juice, so how did I manage to land her as a client? It was all down to my Personal Brand and my network.

And of course you know that Personal Brand Management is my thing (and what I do seems to confuse the living daylights out of people, so let me explain, basically I teach you how to market yourself as a Brand and Business).  Don’t get confused believing that Personal Branding is about your Image – this is only a small part of the whole package of YOU.

Almost 3 years ago I did some writing for and at the time, met other fabulous ladies who were also doing work for the online magazine.  I became friends with a few and nurtured those relationships.  I also taught some of those ladies (who are all emerging entrepreneurs) how to really manage their brands as a business and have watched them grow and glow ever since.

When one of these women became a direct link to Janine, she asked if I would be interested in meeting with her to discuss how I can help Janine to enhance her brand online and offline.  Because of the previous EXPERIENCE she had with working with me personally, I was invited to meet Janine in the first instance.  And then, it was the experience that Janine had with me directly that won me the work.

Oh and a huge dose of honesty worked a treat.  So, in this era of what we know, who we know and who knows us, the experience another has with you is Personal Brand 101.

So what does it really take to win work via your Personal Brand.  As I mentioned earlier, your PB isn’t just your Image, it is a lot more than that.  It’s how you market yourself, how you leave another person ‘feeling’ about you, it’s how you act and how you interact, basically it is all things communication; verbally and non-verbally.

The real trick in winning the work that you want is to identify who you want to work with.  Whether you are a job seeker, a corporate career ladder climber or an entrepreneur, the process is exactly the same – identify your audience or your tribe and start to connect, communicate and provide value on what you do and you’ll be surprised who is watching, listening and learning from you.

The tap on the shoulder that you’ve been dreaming of (my big tap will come from Oprah) is probably a lot closer than you imagine, but you have to start showing up, in the right places and take complete ownership of your brand and what you can deliver (in terms of results).

The days of a headline intro on a resume are dying… if you want to know more on these topics and more sign up for my news as I share more of this stuff to my VIP clan!

Love Susan xx

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