Do you know yourself?

Do you like yourself?

Can you look in the mirror and honestly, say that you are happy with what you see?  If not, why not?  Why not see yourself as a beautiful human being, because that is what you are?  Why not look at yourself and all of your flaws and own them?  They belong to you.  They are you and make up this incredible person who is powerful and amazing.

Do you believe in yourself?

If the answer to that is NO, then why not?  You can have a million mentors, supporters, lovers, friends and those who can champion you and your cause, but none of that works if you don’t believe in yourself.



So today, I want you to LOOK at yourself.  And I mean REALLY LOOK.  Get naked, in front of a mirror and ask yourself “how do I feel about myself”.  Look for the beauty in all of your imperfections.

Remind yourself of what makes you tick.  What do you enjoy?  What makes you laugh so hard you might pee your pants?  Find those things, remember those things because these are the things that will remind you of Who You Really Are.

Get to know yourself.  Like yourself.  Love every single little bit of yourself.  That’s you.  When you do this, you will begin to trust that everything that you do, say or be is actually quite OK.  In fact it’s more than OK because it’s enough.

And if you really want to get out there and have some good old fashioned fun.  It’s pouring out there (Melbourne folks) go and get wet in the puddles!

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Love Susan xx