…2019 style!

Before we get into it, thank-you for being here. Next thing, over the 30 something years I’ve worked in “careers”, there’s ONE thing that has always, always, always been true for every single “success” I’ve seen and it’s this:

Willingness to experiment and a willingness to meet your fear, get uncomfortable and experience life in new and different ways.

I could say that’s all the advice you’re ever going to need, BUT, I also know that you want something practical, something that you can do as easy as 1. 2. 3. to get you to that “dream career” and I’m really sorry to say this, but I’m not going to help you that way.

Instead, I’m going to tell you a story!

It was a dark grey morning, the rain was pouring down and as I sat in my bus seat looking out the window, I had to rub the condensation away to see the miserable faces, sodding, waiting to get on the bus to head to the jobs that weren’t going to end this miserable feeling.

As we travelled along, 10 getting on, 20 getting off, not one of them glancing up, only walking with their heads down, or to look to see if there was a chance of a seat and when there wasn’t, finding a way to stand as not to soak the other passengers with their dripping brollies.

It occurred to me that I was just like them. Duped. Into believing that this “career” I had, this big ambition and dream life I had created, was in fact just an illusion and I’d been living a life on other people’s expectations, rather than my true desires and deepest longings. And I hated it.

Problem was, I didn’t even know what I liked.

I didn’t even know what I wanted.

And this is where the story really begins because it’s from this place, from not knowing and trusting in the unknown and allowing my life to unfold in mystery, that I was able to create a career based out of my experience and adventures.

Which is the way we get to create our dream career in 2019 and beyond.

I can almost guarantee that searching job boards and postings on LinkedIn or wherever you look for jobs these days, you won’t find your dream career there… you must create it.

Follow your intuition and innate guidance, trust a little of the unknown and follow what you love or try out new ideas and watch what unfolds.

It’s in the unfolding of the unknown, of the taking action on the weird and wonderful ideas that you have, that’s where your dream career will start to “show up” for you.

I’m going to keep saying this on repeat until it makes sense in your head and you stop “seeking” and looking for something that is a grandiose vision or fantasy and instead, settle into the “what is” of where you are at and from this place, look around and see how you got to where you are right now.

There’s a golden thread that’s been weaving its way through your life. A little theme that you may not have noticed, a beautiful thread that is strong, intelligent and quite often, unseen by you, because you’ve been too busy sewing up things with the other, less beautiful threads, to see that this golden one, is THE thread that will keep on spinning, weaving and pulling together your life and work.

So, take a moment now to look.

Notice in all the work you’ve done where things have been easy. Fun. Joyful. Where have you been challenged and pushed, but also come out the other side with an amazing feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment?

And, if you haven’t felt this way in your work, where have you felt this in your life? Or, what have you been thinking about (because you have been thinking about things, I know it) that you’d like to try? Because whatever you are imagining, is possible. Whatever we are dreaming up in our minds can be accomplished.

It’s the golden thread that’s the key.

It’s the golden thread that’s there, going un-noticed holding everything together for you right now that you need to pay attention to, because obviously, that’s where the gold is.

And the last and final thing that is super important…

Experiment and Experience.

At any age, we can decide that we are going to try something new and experiment with our lives. And when we experience new things, we uncover what we love and what we loathe. The best part, as you get older, you become more discerning about this, with less care on what others’ think, because you know, age is a cool thing to happen to us because we realise time is running out….

Whether you are at the start of your career or at the beginning of a new career later on in life, the same applies, give things a go until you find what you love. And don’t worry about trying out lots of things until you land on your thing. The cool thing is, that as you try out and experiment, you get to have fun and gain a heap of experience along the way!

Get out into the world and start conversations, get out of your comfort zone and know that any fear you are feeling is just the fear of change, we ALL feel this fear and it’s only an illusion!

And fear will rob you from living your best life. Don’t allow your fear to win, instead get excited about the possibility of what you can do.

So, what are you going to experiment with first?

Let me know in the comments below or ask me how I can help you find that golden thread and your hidden genius.

Lots of love


P.S over in the One96 Community we’ll be talking dream careers, passion and purpose and a way of living that puts YOU first (because your great work, your fulfillment always comes from a fully lived life, not just a career that you love). Join us!