Talk yourself up. Voice who you are. Be Yourself and don’t live in someone else’s dream. – Susan Young

Yes.  I said it.  I AM the most interesting person you could ever meet (and if you haven’t met me yet, likely to meet), PROBABLY!

Bit of a big opening statement don’t you think?  Well, why the fruit-cake not?  Why can’t I say that?  You don’t know anything about me, well, not really, not yet.

I’ve just been toying with you, playing a game of “here’s Susan, I’ll give you a peek into who I am and what I stand for”, but I haven’t even scratched the surface.  Nope, not even a light white mark or dent.

And if you “think” that you know me (because you are my relative, my friend, my ex, my foe, my boss, my lover, my wanna be entourage, my hater, my follower) you had better start thinking again.

I am the most interesting person you could ever meet.  And I now say that with conviction, because I KNOW that I have experienced things in my life that can absolutely relate to yours (somewhat indirectly in some cases, but I can relate and I can empathize) and I also know that my experiences can and will impact, influence and inspire.  I can also tell you that I have experienced some really crazy s*&% – some of it you wouldn’t believe (trust me, I know you would look at me and say I’ve made it up).  And I can also tell you that I now know, that my story and experience is important and valuable.

Your past does not define you, but it can influence what you do with your future, from this very moment on.  My past has been “interesting” and there’s a heap in there that has the potential to make your Granny faint, so I am going to reveal only this to you today….

To do this I have to take a deep breath.  Be vulnerable.  Be aware that I WILL be judged.

I have been afraid of myself because I am powerful.  I have been afraid of myself because I am able to “manifest” things (good and bad).  I have been afraid of myself because I am beautiful.  [insert here still working through this one daily].  I have been afraid of being a woman because I am nurturing and kind.  I have been afraid of being a woman because I am attractive to men.  I have been afraid of discussing my incredible gift of seeing Aura’s, I am a healer.

Stop hiding from who you really are.  Stop being afraid of the person you were always meant to be.  Start to unravel the conditioning your were given as a child and start re-creating what is true for you.  Don’t ever doubt that you are amazing, beautiful and brilliant, because you are.

The truth is this:  none of us really know each other, do we?  None of us really share the inner most dark secrets that we hold, do we?  We don’t want people to know our real fears, struggles and failures, do we?

But what if our story, our experience could impact and change lives?  What if YOUR story could change the course of history in your community?  What if your experience, transferred in the right way could enhance the lives of many?

IMAGINE the possibilities!

And with that said, please just continue to Be Yourself.  That’s my #1 Rule.

Love Susan xxx

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P.P.S  Want to know some of the really juicy stuff I haven’t even touched on yet?  There’s lots.  It’s coming to the surface and I’ll share it with you… soon.