I didn’t feel lighter.

Not in any way at all.

You see, I have created something similar.

So similar in fact, it’s almost uncanny.

[Except it isn’t]

So similar, it’s almost like what Elizabeth Gilbert refers to in “Big Magic”

That ideas can be floating around the Universe and land on multiple folks at once

My mind is screaming: but Danielle Laporte is way cooler than me

[Except, I’m pretty damn cool. Stat.]

She’s also famous, has a large following, her LIGHTER program will make millions

[And I can too, even with a miniscule following]

No-one will believe me that my [similar] idea isn’t a copy-cat version of hers

[Except they will see mine as MY truth]

There’s no point releasing it now, it will just flop and stay on the shelf

[Except there is a point, and no, it won’t flop – it’s going to change the world]

She’s more “Spiritual” than me

[Except she’s not, how could she be, there’s only one of us here]

And this is where I stopped judging, comparing, competing and feeling unworthy.

Because the One96 idea is so much more ME.

Because One96 is going to impact and the change the world as a collaboration, not because I’m leading the revolution, WE ALL ARE.

Because One96 is a coming together of like-minded Souls who are ready to Lead and Impact the world with their gifts, honouring their strengths, stories and learning how to share their Soul Wisdom through words their Activated Magic and the Language of Soul.

Because my knowing, isn’t anyone else’s knowing, and my truth is mine [alone] to share. And no-one can rob me of that, because I AM [you are] a Powerful Warrior Priestess of the Dark AND the Light.

That we all have something unique, different and special to contribute to the world.

And we don’t have to keep comparing.

We don’t have to keep competing.

We can have similarities, ideas that look and feel the same on the outside, but on the inside are inherently different in nature.

And that when things ARE the same, it’s OK.

It’s been trialled, tested, vetted and processed through multiple channels to ensure viability.

And for that, Danielle Laporte I am super-grateful.

May LIGHTER be all the success (and Light) you desire it to be, may One96 be all of the same. Because there’s lots of room for all of us to bring our Soul’s Greatest Work to the World.

I love you.

Susan xxx

P.S My signature program, The Language of Style is open for early enrollment. Check it out HERE.

P.P.S Tell me below when you’ve compared yourself to someone else, or have had an idea that others who are “bigger” out there have also had… how did it make you feel?