Soul Calling. Sessions to Find Your Soul’s Work…

I know you know this. That there’s something inside of you, waiting to ignite and shine brightly. And you’ve been wondering, for so long now, what your true purpose in life is. What your real passions are. And what you are here for. Truthfully.

This voice, feeling or deep knowing that you have is your Soul Calling. Dialing your internal numbers and been reaching the ‘engaged’ signal, trying to get through for you to answer the call of your true nature. To be who you were always meant to become.

Why are you not answering?

Are you afraid of who you might find? Of what you may uncover and ravel? What if ‘all the things’ you imagine came true? What if they were true?

What if, your Soul Called and you Answered and you stepped into a life that you had always dreamed of?

How would that feel?

How do you want to feel? Every single day?

You already know the answer

and you know you should answer the call.

You know that you should be listening. And you know that there IS something amazing inside of you, you can’t uncover it yet.

What if I told you

that your life can be whatever you want it to be? What if I told you that the life that you have now, is the one you’ve created for yourself. No mistakes, no coincidences, no blaming anyone else, or that you’ve ‘just landed’ where you are, you chose this, you did this and you know what, now is the perfect time to recognise this.

And now that you know that you are responsible for all that you have in your life, you also know that you can take control today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

Your soul is calling. Your dream life awaits you. And it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be simple. Because afterall, you’re a lightworker and your light should shine. Easily. Without fear. Without self-doubt.

Using your Soul nature, intuition and divine feminine inspiration and masculine brilliance to move into action.

And if you’re still trying to figure out the ‘how’s’ don’t.

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Love S xx