We all need to step-up and shine… this is our time!

Happy International Women’s Day.

Miracles and weird things happen all of the time, right?  Well, I went to an event on Thursday, got fired up and created this video on Friday morning ready to post and shout out loud to the world… then other things distracted me and got in the way and this happened all weekend until right now.  Today, the day we celebrate women all around the world and the aim and theme is #makeithappen

I say a big YES to that!  And the timing of me sending this out is of course, how the Universe wanted me to play this….


As a woman, I am going to make a stand for other women (and I know that in my heart we have the support of some amazing men) – after countless years of being bullied, of watching and playing within the unconscious bias that affects ALL of us, I have to say, I’ve had enough.

I just wanted to share a really simple message with you today, and that is we as women (and of course enlightened men) have to absolutely get our message out there and shine as the perfect beings that we are. Last night (Thursday actually) I attended an event where we had 3 very interesting and super experienced speakers talking about their careers to date and how they got to where they are. And what I found really interesting is that they were asking about women coming into the Digital and IT industry however, there was not a female speaker on that stage! My little mind started to blow up into these feelings of anger and resentment “why didn’t you have women out there who could be sharing their message too” and then I thought, you know what, hold back a minute, don’t go crazy just now because what they are actually sharing with you is the fact that they actually want women in their teams. They know that they can’t build amazing software and companies if they don’t have brilliant women on their teams. And it struck me in the years that I’ve been doing careers, recruitment, coaching & mentoring women is that all of us are afraid to even ask for what we are worth, we are afraid to shine our light because we feel like we are not going to be heard, we are afraid to step up because we feel like we are in this 19th Century paradigm of a masculine energy which is just absolute BS because we absolutely CAN transform our lives and do what we absolutely love to do.

All I wanted to say today is that you can be everything you want to be, you just have to make a decision and know that there are people out there that have got your back. And it’s exciting because we are about to transform in this new paradigm shift in the way we work – you can be a career minded female in Digital and IT and become an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur, the decision is entirely up to you. All you need to do is take control of your Personal Brand, own the skills and story and experience that you have and start putting it out there ladies (and enlightened men!), it’s there for you and I absolutely believe in you and I am absolutely on this earth to teach you how to get that stuff out there, and that’s my promise to you. I am going to show you how. That’s it from me, a little bit of a soap box and little bit of a lesson that I learned.

I hope that you have the most beautiful International Women’s Day and weekend.

Love Susan xxx

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