Are you being heard?  Maybe you should listen first.

Does no-one listen to you?  Do you feel like your voice may as well be silent as it disappears into the void?

What if instead of trying to be heard, you decided to sit back and listen?  What might happen then?

I can hear you mind working now, it’s saying;

“but if I just sit back and listen, then I don’t get the chance to get my opinion across, no-one will know what I’m thinking, or feeling”

No-one or nothing can make you feel anything.  Feelings are emotions that come from within you.  Emotions are created from experiences and we have a tendency to lock into our memory an event and attach an emotion to it.

If you aren’t “being heard” or no-one is listening to you,[highlight] how does it make you feel?[/highlight] What is your reaction and how are you interacting?

Stop and listen to your inner self and work out where that “feeling” is coming from.  [highlight] What event in your memory has triggered this emotion?[/highlight]  And what do you need to let go of?

Once you begin to “let go” of beliefs that you have created around events and emotions, you won’t be “hearing inner self talk or voices” you will actually be listening to the person who is communicating with you.

And as you are listening, use your wisdom to take on board what that person is saying – everyone has an opportunity to be our teacher (if we allow them to be) – and as you are listening, without attaching feelings / emotions, you will begin to decipher what the person is truly communicating and you will then begin to communicate with quality questions which will in turn, produce quality answers.

I’ll give you an example:

In my own self-development I have taken on mentors, psychologists, healers and personal trainers as they have skills and attributes as well as qualities that I would like to learn, to advance me to my next level.

If I am paying for their services, do you think that at anytime I am not going to listen and pay attention to the advice that they are providing me?

Of course not!  That would be a complete and utter waste of my time and money (and not forgetting, disrespecting theirs).

But what happens in our day to day lives is this;  We get caught up in our own emotions and belief systems, so we stop listening to what others have to offer (or even employers, family, friends or partners are trying to tell us) and we end up blaming others and accusing them of not listening!  If we were to pay our Employer, Family, Friends or Partners for their time, do you think that they would listen and you would listen to them?  Yes, of course, because there is an exchange that is of VALUE.

It’s time to value yourself, your employer, family, friends and partners and allow them the opportunity to be heard, but you need to truly listen without processing the information and attaching it to an event and emotion.

LISTENING IS AN ART.  So learn to make listening your craft and nurture your skills so that when it’s your turn to speak, you will be heard.

With love

Susan xxx