Love Your Work

by | Jul 22, 2016

Still dreaming about the work you really want to do?

Unless you’ve inherited a gazillion dollars and can do what you like all day long, you have to work. Even then, you’ll probably still want to find something fulfilling to do because as human beings, we naturally want to contribute and find connections.

Trouble is, most people I’ve met over the years (and I’m talking thousands) don’t love what they do. And it’s a growing problem, less and less people are engaged at work (which costs businesses millions in lost productivity) not to mention the fact that when you spend your time in a role or job you dislike, it has a ripple affect on all areas of your life.

How do you love your work when you hate your day job?

Hmmm. Good question. There are always elements in what you do daily (that perhaps you haven’t recognised yet) that you truly love and do naturally, without even thinking about it. And it’s these elements that you need to start getting back in touch with, because this is where you can shine in a role you don’t really like, whilst you figure out what it is you really want to do.

I don’t know what I want or what I like.

That’s a bit of a lie and a cop-out. We ALL have things that we want and that we enjoy doing. Everyone does, however, the reason why you don’t love your work right now is because you’ve simply forgotten what you truly love because of ONE thing.


We are given a set of expectations and these have been layered upon us since we were little. Dreams that we’ve had have been put to one side because we’ve been duped. Duped in the fact that we need to go to school, university, get a job and build a career, find a partner, grow a family and so on.

Thing is, these expectations are from others who have come before us who were told the same thing, generations have handed down what they ‘believed to be true’ and now, we are seeing that we don’t have to do what is expected of us, instead we can freely choose to do work that we love.

This is the best time in our history to choose a path to work we love!

I may sound like a CD on repeat (if you’re a young-un and don’t know what a CD is, think about a playlist on repeat instead) because I go on and on about the future of work and the ENDLESS opportunities that surround us now because of technology. Ah, technology, this freaks some folks out because they believe technology is taking over the world and ‘taking away jobs’ when in fact, technology is allowing us to INVENT and re-invent ourselves and our careers, which is pretty bloody awesome if you ask me.

These opportunities weren’t around for my parents or grandparents, they had to do the hard work and hustle to keep food on the table and help us younger (ish) ones to become who we were always meant to be. See, the world has continued to grow and evolve, so what’s stopping you from doing the same?

Fear my friend. Fear.

I was a scared-y cat. Yep. All of my life, even now I still get scared and let fear get in the way of what I’m up to. It’s a human condition that’s really bloody annoying – but fear is real. So you have to be aware of the fears that hold you back AND how to push past them (because the reality is, the good stuff is always on the other side) and stop fear from dominating your life.

Fear for me came from years and years of being bullied. And even though I left my bullies behind, I had such deep conditioned thoughts that “there is something inherently wrong with me” (words from my mentor who helped me to recognise a schema and pattern I have going on) that I’d find work in organisations where I’d be subject to more bullying. I’d pick partners that I could “rescue” because I wanted to save myself (unconsciously, I hadn’t become aware of this).

So this fear that you may have that stepping out of your comfortable albeit awful job that you hate, is something that you MUST tackle if we want to live in a world that is truly awesome and also, for you to find and do work you truly love.

Do you want to stay stuck doing what you hate?

Of course you don’t. Why would you? I can hear a “yeah-but” coming up in your thoughts. Yeah, but I have to pay my mortgage, my family will think I’m crazy, I feel guilty for feeling this way because I don’t want to be a burden on anyone if it goes wrong, what if my family reject my idea or my friends tell me not to do it, I will feel like I’m betraying them… these are all patterns and schemas from conditioning and I want to tell you this;

it is ABSOLUTELY OK and you’re right to find and do work you love.

In fact, it’s important that you do. The world needs YOU to do the work that you were always meant for. I mean this sincerely. We have a world in chaos and the only way for us to change things, is to BE the best at what we do and teach others that they can do the same, because when you start loving your work, another ripple happens. And that ripple (even if it’s tiny) starts to flow and others will start to see you shine, then they’ll want to shine too. Because we ALL deserve to shine, love our work and also take responsibility for our lives, the way in which we want them to play out (not someone else’s version of what our lives should look like).

We all have greatness in us.

It doesn’t matter if you are a billionaire or the guy who sells hot dogs on the street, every role in every community matters. Where you fit into this is HUGE because we all have a purpose. And if you are looking for yours, I can tell you right now you are already living it – the trick now is to use the knowledge, skills, experience and stories that you have collected in your life so far and turn them into a career or role that you love, that can and will help you, your family, your community and everyone that comes into contact with you. Trust me, this is the truth.

What will you do about it?

Probably nothing. Which is a real shame because you have it in you to do what you love. 95% of the folks I talk to continue to carry on as they were. 5% make a change. And their whole lives become exactly what they’ve been dreaming about (I’m not joking here, I have clients who have become TV stars, Rock Stars and Inventors) even if the dream is really small, like creating an online business that makes enough money to stay at home and raise children. They are all doing what they love and finding their great work in the process.

Hundreds of them. My mission is to create millions of work-lovers. Imagine the world if we are all truly taking responsibility to do work we love?

Are you still dreaming?

Take some action. Because keeping that stuff tucked away in the dark and dusty corners of your head isn’t going to do anything for you, or the greater good. Even if you don’t care about the greater good and only care about yourself right now, then cool. But care a little more. Actually, care TONNES more.

Care about your work. Do work you love and everything else in your life will start to improve – I’m totally not kidding here. You’ll want to be fitter & healthier, you’ll choose to work with the people you really want to hang out with, your relationships will get stronger and you’ll start to love yourself more, you’ll want to increase the flow of money you have in your life and you’ll start to see true abundance in everything that you do…

…so, what are you going to do?

If you want to do something about this, whether you are in a business you no longer love, or a job that you totally hate we can chat and I betcha within 30 minutes you’ll have direction and clarity (and a sweet action plan to implement).

Are you up for it?

Probably not. Because you’re the 95%.

Am I wrong? Are you one of the 5% – can we change this to 8 or maybe even 10%. Can we?

See that little box on the right hand side? It has a form for you to fill in – when you do, I’ll get a message on my phone (because technology rocks, woo-hoo) and I’ll call you to get you the career clarity and future vision that you need to do the work you love. If I happen to be online whilst you’re reading this, say hello. I’m pretty fab to talk to (even if I do say so myself) and over 800 folks will tell you that it’s true.

Chat soon.

Love Susan xx

P.S I love to hear your thoughts about what’s going on in your ‘job’ world and what you dream of doing. Add in a comment below (especially if you aren’t ready for a chat) and I’ll answer any questions you have.


How many times have you said to yourself, yes, now is the time (to do the thing you dream of) and you’re super energised, motivated, inspired and ready to take action? And then Doubt creeps in Worry that what you’ve said YES to, isn’t actually going to work for you...