Who are you?  Who do you want to be?  What does your Personal Brand really represent?

This is something that I am asked consistently from my clients – how do I know that I am being myself fully?

Well, here’s the thing.  We have so many layers as people it can be difficult to begin to unravel ourselves and fully connect with our inner or innate being (sound a bit woo-woo for you?) – imagine you talking to your intuition daily.  You know, that gut feeling that is always 99.9% correct each and every time you trust and you wonder “why did I not go with my gut”?

This is the same for your Personal Brand.  You need to get to know the inner you and what it’s telling you to be genuine and authentic.  If something doesn’t sit right, it never will and it will never be right.  So do make the most of Who You Really Are you need to begin to like yourself and trust yourself.

I am talking about liking yourself again (you can check out my previous videos for more on this) because this is the most important and fundamental part of a strong and powerful personal brand.

If you don’t like yourself, how can you expect anyone to believe in you?

We were all born perfect with our imperfections.  Get used to that.  Own what you have and what you have been given.  It’s yours to use and propel you forward.

I was given an innate ability to see auras (super-freaking cool right) – which was something that held me back for many years as I was seen as “weird” and taunted and teased for being a bit left of centre.

It took many years before I accepted that as part of who I am.  Taking ownership of all of our beauty, flaws, brilliance and amazing abilities is the key to your success.

So what can you do today to begin to like yourself?

Write down 10 words that you believe describe you (only positive words please, this is not about digging out any negativity).  I’ll give you an example:







After you have written out your 10 words, then write out 3 more (different words) and see where there is a theme in what you have written.  These words are coming from your innate wisdom to tell you something.

When you wake up, go about your business each day I want you to think about these words you have chosen.

Are you living them?  This is the beginning of liking yourself and being your personal brand.

Have fun!


Love Susan xxx