I was looking for an inspirational piece to follow up my last blog post as I know that sometimes words are not enough to get your thoughts in the zone of change!

Cameron Brown sent this to me in a link and when I watched it tears started to well in my eyes, not tears of sadness, they were tears of absolute JOY.

What Arthur has achieved is just brilliant.  And all it took was for someone to believe in him, they way he believed in himself.

He chose to be courageous and never, ever gave up his fight.  Arthur is a Legend in his own right.  (And he should be called Arthur too, reminds me of someone, a Knight perhaps!)

If you have a dream that you want to achieve, you have to BELIEVE in that dream.  If you can dream it, then you can be it, just like Arthur.

Go out and get started on making your dreams come true, live out your dreams every single day.

Be inspired.

Love Susan xxx