Hipsters love a bit of vintage, how can you take their cues and input this into your biz?

I was wondering the other day if this hipster movement had gone too far.  Just about every second guy on the street has a beard and there are way too many cool cats (and young cool cats) in my neighbourhood, I’m starting to feel my age!

I do love a neatly trimmed beard on a man, I love the aesthetics of a beautifully put together outfit, particularly if it’s vintage, done with immaculate precision (yes, I’m a snob) with a perfectly coiffed head of hair, the detail of a perfectly placed accessory, I love it.

And as I’ve been watching the hipsters (and there seem to be lots of varieties too) I’ve noticed that they are all onto something pretty amazing.  The love of the Old.  It is the new New.  We are so bombarded with throw away fashion and items that are packaged plastic, that I get where the hipster mind is coming from.

Old things, when you inspect them carefully, were made to last and stand the test of time.  I remember (because I am that old) when I saved up for my first TV and stereo.  They lasted me for YEARS and years.  There were no new versions to HD or flatscreens, and the stereo had a record player on the top (uh-huh, the hipsters would have loved it today) and they were expensive.  Affordable-expensive, I saved up for them with my wages from my Gran & Grandpa’s coffee shop [washing dishes] and as I said, they lasted me a long time, because they were built that way.

Furniture in my parents house, the dining table they have had for half a century because it was built to last.  I’m not going to go on, but I can really see the relevance of this in business.

Eating habits have changed too.  Paleo diets, organic, greens, farmers markets, sustainable living is all part of the hipster movement and, totally necessary for the care of our planet.

Again, with food I see the relevance of this in business.  Especially online micro-business.

I spend a lot of time online so I see the space growing at an exponential rate of knots.  Some of this is good, some of it not so good.  I see a lot of people coming online, making money quickly and then leaving a sour taste in the mouths of their clients as they haven’t fulfilled the promise of what they would deliver.  Same in most industries, I just happen to notice it online as I market myself online and teach how to manage Personal Branding online… anyway, I digress.

Are you building something that is here for the long-term.  Can you see yourself in your business in the next 10 years?

Online micro-business will keep our economies afloat in the coming years and we will also see a rise in freelancing, so to be sustainable, is what you are doing built to last?  Are the ingredients that you put into your recipe for success good for the long-term health of your business and for your clients?

Is what you are doing now for your business (which is your career by the way) a good, strong solid foundation for the future?

I had a coffee with a friend this morning and I was telling her about my business plans and if I can actually see myself in my biz in 10 years time.  I mentioned what that might look like as it evolves.  It struck me that the core foundation may be slightly wobbly and it needs a slight adjustment so that I can continue to feed it with the best ingredients, grow it, scale it and for it to be robust enough in the future, so that my Personal Brand and Business is the hipster biz of the future.

What does your core look like and do you have what it takes in you to take your business into the next 10 years?  Do you need to start thinking about changing what that may look like now, so that you have a stable foundation for the future?

Please comment below and if you have a question, fire away.  Or, even better book in a chat with me, it’s FREE and I’ll get you clear on your future direction so you can build a brand and a business that stands the test of time.

Love Susan xxx

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