How up to date are your Online profiles?  Do they match up to you Offline?

Take a step-back in time (and if you are as old as me, you’ll know where I am coming from) to the days when being online were as simple as using Google when it started back in 1998.  Can you remember back then when there weren’t any social networking sites, but we’d get excited because we could “chat” with our friends on messenger.

It’s quite possible that your old messenger profile is still hanging around there somewhere, just waiting for you to re-ignite its spark!  iTunes (2003) would be one of the internet things that I can remember (with the exception of eBay and PayPal in the late 90’s), I only discovered Spotify last year even though it’s been around since 2008.  Did you know that LinkedIn (2203) came before Facebook (2004), but most of us didn’t get onto the social site until 2007 / 2008 as MySpace ruled the interwebs?  And would we all have heard of Twitter when it launched in 2006?  Photo sharing site Instagram in 2010 and the fastest of the fast Snapchat in 2011.

OK, so there’s a brief history of the internet, why am I enlightening you to all of this?

Simple.  We have all managed to get ourselves caught up in it somewhere (if you are reading this, then that includes you) which also means that there are profiles (and photos) of you on the internet.

But, here’s the question – are you managing your profiles?  Is all of the data you have started to input into sites from the late 90’s (ahem, if you are as old as me) until now all current?

All of this information is there to be found (whether you can find the log-in or password or not) and if you’re not using it, then maybe it’s time to hit the “delete account” button (if you can find it).  Why?  Your Personal Brand, both online and offline should be the same [as you are now] and current.  Now, it is true that some of the old stuff will be hidden on page that you may not have the patience to find because of the SEO wars that go on, so there’s an element of ‘safety’ that no-one will really go and dig that deep into your online history, however, anything that you started in the last few years and have done nothing with, will come up in searches (or, more scarily, smart-phones when your number gets added = e.g. “do you want to add Susan Young on Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc).

The question you have to ask yourself to maintain a strong, current and influential Personal Brand online is to use one or 2 social media sites, delete the ones that you “dabble” in and maintain a consistent message where you are active.  And in developing your brand online, make sure that you do have something interesting to say, something valuable for the people you want to work with (whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur).

That way, you can begin to develop your brand in your style (not in the old school pic from the 90’s hiding on the WAYN site) and bring it up to date and new school, as you are, right now.

And if you have any questions, feel free to fire away in the comments below.

Love Susan xxx

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