Everything that you are looking for, you already have,  You just need to look inside yourself.  You’ll find it there. – Susan Young

Knocked myself off my own rails this morning.  Well, last night actually when I succumbed to my own self-sabotage patterns and engaged in something that isn’t worth investing my time into.

But why did I do it?  I asked myself the same question this morning.  I was consumed thinking about something that actually isn’t really that important to my mission (which is to create a legion of successful online entrepreneurs) and this particular “thing” was taking up all of my mental capacity, I wasn’t focusing on the work I needed to complete.

So, I took myself for a long run.  This usually has a double impact, firstly the happy endorphins kick in after about 15 minutes and subsequently, my mind gets clear on what is really important.  For me.

I thought I was looking for something.  That I “needed” something.  When I got home, I was still a little consumed, but not half as much as I had been earlier and I started to rearrange my thoughts.

OK.  Being a solopreneur is not easy.  I tell everyone who is a wannabe this, because it’s hard!  You spend countless hours on your own (I don’t mind this though) figuring out your own stuff, working on your business, working in your business, managing finances, juggling your time so you can fit every gawd damn thing in (so you actually do have a life too) and as you work away, you’ll often feel like giving up and completely giving in.  Then you reassess and look how far you have come and keep going, you get out of your own way (because who or what else is stopping you?) and you have a mini-success and then BAM! you need to step up again.

This pattern, I’ve realised isn’t going to stop.  Stepping Up.  Having a bit of a meltdown.  Getting back up and pushing on through.  Then breakthrough.  If you had seen me this morning you would have wanted to give me a hug, I was a raving mess!  And then all I did was change my thoughts.  And here I am sitting in front of my laptop getting fired up as I type because the one thing that I can guarantee you all is this:

You are the creator of everything that you have in your life, in this very moment, you did this.  Hold yourself accountable.  Don’t blame anyone else for the way in which you feel.  You did that to yourself (seriously, you did) and if you are looking for “something” don’t go chasing what doesn’t exist outside of yourself.  You won’t find it.

It’s all there.  In you.  Ready, waiting for you to take the leap and BE everything that you were always meant to be.

Now, go on out there (kick your own butt into action) and be your most brilliant, awesome self.

Love S xx

P.S  When I say solopreneur, for me it is just that.  It’s just me.  No partner or parents to run back to when the shit hits the fan.  Just me.  And if I can do this on my own, then so can you.  Though you don’t have to… because you have me every step of the way.  I have your back, even if you don’t realise it.