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Heart Coherence

Heart Coherence From Heart Math Institute The HeartMath Institute talks a great deal about coherence – heart coherence, heart-rhythm coherence, physiological coherence, social coherence and global coherence. Coherence, in any system, from the human body to social...

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How to find your dream Career

...2019 style! Before we get into it, thank-you for being here. Next thing, over the 30 something years I've worked in "careers", there's ONE thing that has always, always, always been true for every single "success" I've seen and it's this: Willingness to experiment...

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This is me

I am here to lead you to your HIGHEST Visions and Soul Path, this is my GREAT WORK and it always has been.

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How many times have you said to yourself, yes, now is the time (to do the thing you dream of) and you’re super energised, motivated, inspired and ready to take action? And then Doubt creeps in Worry that what you’ve said YES to, isn’t actually going to work for you...

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The Victim Effect

When you allow everything that everyone says and does be an excuse for you to NOT take charge of your life.

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You have to Let Go to Grow

You have to Let Go to Grow You can bloom your way, but only when you decide to get out of your own way and also, go deep within to your inner world, the world within the world. Whatever it is that you desire, or whomever it is you want to become, the only way to truly...

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Your Soul keeps asking you to SHOW UP

And you’re still avoiding the nudges. Still not listening to the call. Instead, paying attention to the “gurus” and “experts”, who look like they have it all under control; The fabulous business, the dream lifestyle and all the things you think you desire… Yet, when...

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What’s your Career Capital?

WHAT’S YOUR CAREER CAPITAL? Before you ask, it’s the amount of years you’ve spent mastering your trade / skills / experience, the thing you “do”. For example, let’s just say you’re a coach and you’re new to the industry. You may not have much career capital as a...

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The Only Race is Against You

I’m going to take you back in time a little. I was bullied relentlessly at school. And the only thing that I felt that I could do, was run. It just so happened, I was a fast runner, not the fastest, but pretty damn fast. Fast enough that the local athletics club would...

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Are you a Quitter?

Some might say that’s a good thing. Quit the thing you don’t like if it no longer serves you (case in point, smoking cigarettes), but in this instance I’m talking about Careers and Business. I’ve quit so many times I wouldn’t be able to count them (or even remember)....

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Do you really march to the beat of your own drum?

Maybe I should ask a better question. WHEN do you march to the beat of your own drum? I'm asking this question because I'm pretty sure you think that you do that all the time, right? Here's the thing though, if you're not being fully you, how can you possibly be...

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Why you should never Niche…

Say what? Never niche......? I know, it sounds like sacrilege coming from someone who teaches how to do this. But here's why you shouldn't... You don't have a business (yet) So, you have a great idea for a business and you want to head out into the world and sell the...

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Why getting all the FREE things IS good for your business!

SAY WHAT? EVERYONE SAYS TO STOP DOWNLOADING ALL THE FREE THINGS... I know. I'm seeing this everywhere on Facebook and the other lands of Social right now. Stop getting all the free things and start focusing on YOUR thing. I get it, it makes sense. Get one teacher and...

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Stop Wreaking Havoc in your Business

Being a business owner is hard. There’s no getting away from the facts that it can be a lonely road, full of constant ups and downs, hurdles to jump that you never saw coming which just suddenly appear right in front of you, they can trip you up and the worst thing of...

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Beauty in Strength & Courage

Go to your edge.  Lean in and fall.  (Me!) We live in constant paradox.  Where there is fear, there is love.  Where there is Strength, there is Weakness.  Where there is Courage, there is Cowardice. I am forever feeling the fear, which I move across to love and then...

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