If you have Values, Goals and Dreams and you want to achieve them, you must also have PASSION.

I say it in capitals as I want to shout it out loud and clear!


In everything that you do, if you really want to be successful and achieve your dreams you’ve gotta be passionate baby!

That’s an old picture of me before I ran my first half-marathon back in 2010.  It was some time ago yes, but you can see the “half marathon” on my number so I just wanted to show you I did take part (and I did finish it, see below).

I picked this picture and this example because I reckon it’s fair to say that any athlete or sports person who is successful and made it to the top of their game, isn’t because of their training, born talent and skill and some might say luck, it’s because of their passion.

The same goes for anyone in business.  I never really quite succeeded, although I was good, in some of my chosen careers as the passion just wasn’t there.  Take a look at a figure such as Marco Pierre-White who graces us on the TV at the moment on Masterchef The Professionals.  He will gladly admit that he may not have been the best chef at times, but his passion, drive and commitment to his mission got him to where he is today.

No different to yours truly.  I’m passionate about being passionate.  Because when it’s there, everything seems so much easier.  Like, I mean REALLY CRAZY STUPIDLY EASY!

The half marathon that I ran, I did with a really close friend of mine.  We trained together and worked hard at getting fit enough to run.  My friend had already ran a half marathon so knew what to expect and was fantastic at keeping me going all the way.

I love running.  It gives me a real sense of freedom.  It’s my exercise of choice and I just love it.  I admit, sometimes I find it hard to get the runners on and get out the door, but once I’m on the move, I feel amazing.  And I feel even more amazing afterwards.  That’s because of the happy endorphins you get from exercise, but it’s also because I feel that sense of Freedom, which I just love.

I also love to run really fast.  At 40, I certainly can’t get up to the speeds I could when I was a teen and running for my local athletics club, but I can still move pretty swiftly for a lady of my age (when I feel like it).

At the end of the half marathon, you get to run the last 500 meters into the MCG to the finish line.  For those of you reading from outside of Australia, the MCG is Melbourne Cricket Ground and you are not allowed onto the green unless you run this event.

So when I was getting closer to the MCG I could feel myself going faster.  As soon as I hit the ground I started to sprint and all of those memories I had from when I was a teen athlete came flooding back.  I was so passionate about winning and going fast back then, and here I was many years later doing the same thing again.  Sure, I was going at my late-30’s sprint pace, but it was still quick enough (for me to nearly collapse at the finish line) for me to pass lots of other runners along the way.  It felt incredible.

Would have I been able to that without passion?  Probably, but it wouldn’t have felt half as good as it did.

Remind yourself.  What are your Dreams?  Are they filled with Passion?  Can you see yourself in your minds eye fulfilling those Dreams?  Do you get excited just thinking about it?

Use your Passion as your Power to get going and start to make your Dreams a reality today.

Love Susan xxx