Personal Brand Management – What’s next?

If you aren’t online, you don’t exist – but how on earth do you Stand Out to be seen?

As you all know I’ve been online since day-dot and the whole “internet of things” (which is a thing by the way) still absolutely thrills me, I’m weird like that.  If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a million times, we are in the new Gold Rush Era of our times folks and if you aren’t online, you don’t exist and if you are shying away from Managing your Personal Brand then you are missing out!

Missing out on what exactly, I hear you say?  Opportunities.  Simple.  When you can be found via your strong and powerful Personal Brand then you don’t have to go and search for the opportunities!  Seriously, I hardly post blogs these days, I rarely do any marketing (and when I do it’s a bit naff – you should know, you’ve seen it) because I’ve developed and maintained my personal brand so clients come to me, it’s pretty cool (better not speak to soon, hey…) but there’s another thing that’s really important here and that is repeat business.

We are all selling something and new clients (or work opportunities) are hard to obtain, so isn’t it much better, easier and doesn’t it make more sense to develop yourself as the Leading Edge Expert in your industry?

Personal Brand Management may be a “new label” but it is not a new thing and it’s not going away – your reputation, the experience others have of you, what they say about you when you are not in the room and how you act / interact and continually communicate all have an affect your Personal Brand.  So, is it time for you to start managing yourself as a business and see yourself as a Brand that can engage, influence and make a bigger impact in this world?

Cool.  Then here’s the first thing that will help you to take control of your brand.

Get to know what you want.  Yes, I said get to know what you want.  Other brand folks will tell you to update your profiles, get consistent with your message and story and develop a communication strategy etc etc (I’ll tell you to do that too, but not yet) – firstly, you need to know what you want.

This might deviate from your current career or business focus and that is OK my friend.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a different life than the one you currently have, in fact it’s more than OK because we get through our days by having dreams and aspirations.

So, go write that stuff out.  Fill an A4 sheet of paper minimum and get in touch with the dreams and desires that you may have forgotten about.  Go on, you’ll have fun when you allow yourself to go there.

What’s next?  Well, this is the start that no-one begins with.  So that’s what’s next – taking a step backwards and inwards reflecting on what it is you really, truly, madly, deeply want.

Have fun!

Love S xx

P.S  If you found this helpful or have more questions, then pop them in the comments below.


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