A lot of people have imagined me to be a Big Rule Breaker, but in fact I’m not!  I don’t like crossing the road if the green man isn’t flashing (that’s one of my safety rules) and I insist on sometimes “being boring” because if I’m not, I will allow myself to be distracted.  Often we forget to set boundaries or rules around what we do for work so that we ensure we accomplish the goals that we have set for ourselves.

The example of being distracted is a HUGE on for a lot of people and it can come back to PROCRASTINATION which is something that we need to be able to rid our selves of, because if we continue to procrastinate, how are we ever going to take ACTION?  All of the successful people I know, do not procrastinate.  They make choices and confirm these with smart, quick decisions.

So, you need to set yourself some Rules and Boundaries and align them with your Values and Goals.  This is important too – my safety rule has nothing to do with my passion and my work, so ensure what you write down (and stick on your wall next to your Values & Goals) is in tune with the rest of your aims.

Another one I have, which is VITAL in business or if you are in the public eye, is to avoid negative people, doubters and nay-sayers.  There will always be haters, but that is their business, not yours, don’t let them get into your positive mindset.

Every now and then you will need to give yourself a push and a kick up the bum, so set out rules and start to play by them.


xX Muchos Besos Xx


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